Exploring New Horizons: Your Pimcore December Calendar

As the year draws to a close, ensure you make the most of this year's final opportunities with Pimcore.
Exploring New Horizons: Your Pimcore December Calendar - Impression #1

Following an eventful November that saw Pimcore's impactful presence at major events across Europe, the momentum continues into December. The last month has been an exciting space journey, with Pimcore making its mark at key industry gatherings in Portugal, Germany, and France. From insightful webinars to prestigious tech summits, Pimcore has been at the forefront, engaging with professionals and enthusiasts alike. As the year nears its end, December still stands out as a month rich with opportunities to connect with Pimcore, offering deep insights into what will define the course of 2024.

Become Superhuman! Scale your Business with PIM and AI

German | Webinar | December 5th, 2PM CET

Pimcore Platinum Partner Basilicom unveils the cosmos of AI in marketing. Imagine harnessing the power of generative AI to propel your marketing strategies into a new orbit of efficiency and personalization. This webinar, a fusion of expertise and innovation, invites you to explore how AI, intertwined with PIM data, can revolutionize your marketing universe. Discover how to achieve superhuman feats in marketing, akin to the prowess of Olympic athletes but powered by AI. Basilicom will demonstrate how you can transform your marketing team into a league of superhumans, achieving up to 80% faster content creation, 18% better copy quality, and 15% more productivity at the same cost. In this German-language webinar and live demo, you'll learn to navigate the AI landscape to automate processes, enhance efficiency, and craft superior user experiences. Uncover the secrets to spending 80% less time on content creation by leveraging PIM data and AI, boosting conversions by up to 50% with automatically personalized content, and improving search results by 42% with AI-powered search capabilities.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your marketing strategies to cosmic heights!

Register now: Become Superhuman! (Webinar in German Language)


Purple Horizon: Pimcore Platform 2023.3 Release, AI/ML Strategies & Inspire 2024 Sneak Peek

Webinar | December 13th, 3PM CET

Embrace the festive spirit with Pimcore's grand finale webinar of 2023, "Purple Horizon." This webinar offers Pimcore customers, partners, and developers an early glimpse into the exciting developments of 2024. Dive deep into the latest Pimcore Platform Release 2023.3, with groundbreaking features ready to scale your data and experience management. The webinar will unveil Pimcore's ambitious AI/ML strategy, showcasing how these cutting-edge technologies are integrated into the Pimcore journey. As a "year-end present", attendees will get an exclusive sneak peek into Pimcore Inspire 2024. Hosted by Pimcore executives, this webinar celebrates the year's achievements and looks forward to the future. Take the opportunity to connect with industry experts, gain valuable insights, and prepare for the innovations that 2024 holds. Purple Horizon is an essential webinar to round off the year for those interested in the latest feature development of the Pimcore Platform and the AI/ML strategy.

Register now: Purple Horizon


2024 is just around the corner!

As we bid farewell to this year, we are excitedly looking forward to an eventful 2024 with Pimcore. The new year is set to bring significant developments and innovations, and we are already thrilled about what's to come! Kicking off the year, Pimcore Strategic Partner TOWA will host the B2B Tech Day in Vienna, Austria, on January 25th. This event for technology professionals is just the beginning of what promises to be a year rich in advancements and exciting collaborations. Join us in embracing the potential of 2024. Here's to a year of growth and innovation with Pimcore!

For more details and to register, visit B2B Tech Day Wien (Event in German Language)
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