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Since last year, is one of Pimcore's technology partners. We talked to Joseph Swaffield, Manager of Global Strategic Alliances at, to give you some deeper insights into our partnership and what's in it for you. Get in touch with Pimcore or for individual solutions for your company.
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To kick it off, could you briefly tell me what is all about? is a TransPerfect Company, the world’s largest language service provider. We help organizations better manage their multilingual content and reach international customers through our technologies and services. We help our customers from 100+ offices across the globe, providing local support wherever they are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And what are you responsible for at

Our principal technology we offer our customers is named, GlobalLink. GlobalLink is a Translation Management System (TMS) designed to help customers reduce their time-to-market and costs for translations and localization 40-60%. We built and maintain integrations into over 50+ marketing technologies. These technologies include eCommerce platforms, digital experience platforms, marketing automation systems, and product information management systems like Pimcore. I am responsible for our alliances in EMEA with these software providers as well as the broader group of system integrators that support these ecosystems. I collaborate closely with these partners to help ensure our shared customers have a seamless experience and implementations that are on-time and on-budget. 

Which challenges are many companies facing today when it comes to translation management?

The main challenge customers are facing today is scaling their translation operations. It is a little known fact that most international corporations choose to outsource their translations. As a company grows, so does the complexity of their requirements and the volume of stakeholders involved in the translations process. Whether a company is translating content into just one language or dozens of languages, it is not tenable to manage this process without the use of a TMS like GlobalLink. A TMS gives corporations a central place where they may manage their translations processes, vendors, contractors, terminology, and invoicing. In many ways, a TMS is an ERP for the translations supply chain. Without it, translation management is tedious, costly, and even risky as inaccurate or inconsistent translations leave customers exposed to potentially damaging legal consequences.

What are the main benefits your customers realize when using

Whether a customer needs video localized at scale, multilingual customer service support, optimization for international digital experiences, or support for international mergers and acquisitions or patent litigation, we have both the services and technologies our customers need for supporting their international business. Because we have an array of services and technologies, we are capable of being a true partner to our customers – advising them on the options available to them and giving exactly the support they need when they need it for every part of their business.

As the leader of our industry, customers benefit from our experience and knowledge of their industries and trends that give them an edge in the market. We invest a great deal in our staff and bring the decades of experience they have to our customers to help them save time and money.

We are also continually innovating – creating new service offerings and technologies that add greater value to our customers over time. This is evidenced by the continual release of new out-of-the-box integrations for our customers that are built by us or by partners like Pimcore.

By streamlining the workflow a user may submit a translation project from within Pimcore and then be as hands-on or off as they wish with the translation process until it is received back in its translated format.

Our modular-based architecture means a customer may select the best tools to suit their translation management requirements. This includes features such as Dashboard Reporting, Translation Memory, Terminology Management, etc. Our 50+ out-of-the-box integrations means customers can leverage one centralized system for all of their translation needs.

You want to benefit from as well? Contact them and they will provide an individual solution for your company.


Could you tell us more about your Translation Management System (TMS), GlobalLink?

At the heart of GlobalLink is a server-based translation memory. This is essentially a smart database of translated words and phrases and meta data that informs machine learning. When combined with our online translation editing environment, these technologies give translation teams the ability to work faster and smarter while maintaining translation quality and consistency. On top of all of that, you will never have to pay to translate the same content twice. These features help our customers save time and money.  

Since 2020, you’re one of Pimcore’s Technology Partners, and we are very proud to have you on board. What makes it so interesting for you to be in a partnership with Pimcore?

It is exciting to also be a part of Pimcore’s journey as they start to build their enterprise platform user base. The PIM has become a popular choice of platform for our customers managing their product data over the past 5 years and we are seeing a surge in demand for the ability to submit translation requests from within the PIM itself. We look forward to supporting Pimcore’s customers with their cross border challenges through our tools, services and experience.

What are the upcoming milestones has planned for 2021?

2020 was a challenging year for everyone across the globe both personally and professionally. The team at were not left unscathed at the start of the pandemic but the company's business model proved resilient, was successfully adapted to a remote working environment, and allowed us to continue to deliver for our customers. We recently announced 2020 annual billed revenue of $852 million, an 11 percent increase over the previous year. This meant that we were able to achieve our pre-COVID goals for the year.

In 2021, we will look to build further on that success as the economy bounces back by continuing to increase our focus on traditionally strong industries such as Retail, Manufacturing and Travel & Hospitality but also focusing more efforts on new trends we are observing in the market – such as an ever increasing focus on moving content and communications to video, online marketplaces, and gaming.

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