Pimcore Awards: Experience of the Year 2022

Drumroll please: The award for this year’s Experience of the Year goes to Ateles, our strategic partner from Nordic region. Learn more now!
Pimcore Awards: Experience of the Year 2022 - Impression #1

Pimcore Awards: Ateles wins the Experience of the Year 2022

As a way to thank our partners and honor their contributions to the Pimcoverse, we regularly hold the Pimcore Awards. In 2022, we announced the finalists and winners at the Mountain Summit in Salzburg, an event held specifically for our partners. The conference was a huge success with more than 220 Pimcore partners attending from around the world. If you would like to learn more about it, please check out our recap.    

But now, back to the topic: We couldn’t be more thrilled to have hosted another Pimcore Awards Ceremony for our Pimcore Partners. Especially, since our partners are key to making Pimcore platforms a reality and setting new standards for our joint successes.    

What is the Experience of the Year 2022 Award?    

The Experience of the Year Award celebrates successes related to the most interesting case study on experience management. The criteria also include filter implementation time, project size, the notability of the client, and case study preparation.    

This year, Georg Grozli, Partner Manager at Pimcore, announced the finalists and the winner of the award. Our congratulations go out to Ateles who took home the Experience of the Year 2022.

Ateles wins the 2022 Experience of the Year  

Ateles is a strategic Pimcore Partner in the Nordic region. The company’s successful collaboration with Melbye resulted in the implementation of a DXP with PIM, DAM, Digital Commerce and a CDP for Melbye Scandinavia. This helped them reach the market 20% faster, achieve 25% less duplicate data, and reduce product returns by 5%.    

Melbye Scandinavia is a sales and marketing organization with offices in other Scandinavian countries. Melbye sells over 8,000 products and has a turnover of 54 million euros.    

It wasn‘t an easy decision for us to select the finalists and winners of this year’s award. There were many exciting projects submitted in this category. So: Once again, a big shout out to all the finalists and the winner, Ateles! And now: Let’s check out some of the exciting projects submitted by our Pimcore Partners.   

The finalists for the 2022 Experience of the Year 


Youwe is Pimcore‘s strategic partner from the Netherlands. The ISO 27001-certified full-service digital agency is present in eight countries. They have worked with high-profile clients such as Kroftman, itsme and many others. The agency has extensive knowledge in developing marketplace extensions in Pimcore platforms. Their team consists of more than 10 people who hold a whopping 14 Pimcore certifications.   


Ateles is our strategic partner in the Nordics. As a dedicated partner for more than seven years, Ateles has worked on significant projects with well-known companies such as Würth, Seat, Melbye, GANT and many others. Ateles is known for shaping the future of e-commerce. The company’s team of 50 professionals in two countries and holds more than 10 Pimcore certifications.   


CORS is an Austria-based company specializing in the development of e-commerce solutions. Their expertise lies in DXP, PIM, MDM and DAM solutions. CORS GmbH has extensive knowledge in the development of marketplace extensions. The company’s employees have received 18+ Pimcore certifications and submitted 3 case studies.     

Kudos to all Pimcore partners and finalists of the Experience of the year 2022, and huge congratulations to Ateles for winning the Pimcore Award!    

If you aren‘t a partner yet and would like to learn more about the Pimcore Partner Program or need additional resources, don‘t hesitate to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.   

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