Why Pimcore Is the Best PIM for Magento

The face of the digital commerce platform has changed with expanding offerings, newer customer expectations, pricing model complexities, and omnichannel delivery. Brands need to respond and act faster with trusted and latest product content to thrive and survive in the ever-growing social, mobile, and multichannel market places. But, it demands seamless product information management and distribution capabilities.

Product Data: Pivotal to Digital Commerce Success



Product data and content are the backbones of digital commerce operations. However, when product data is scattered and not consolidated within a single master data repository, it can hinder operational excellence and customer excellence.

Without a PIM system, it isn't easy to streamline workflow that is key for successful product merchandising in a digital ecosystem. The communication gap and lack of a single-source-of-truth for product data among product teams, marketing, creative teams, and merchandisers, can ultimately make the retail process inefficient and time-consuming.

With increased SKUs, you have to manage more product data and link it to more digital assets. When there are more related products, you might have to deal with more suppliers. The problem: companies can be paralyzed by manually streamlining and clearing all the relevant information. Suppose they have to do all work by hand on a per-item basis. In that case, it is prone to create serious glitches in data quality and completeness, operational accessibility, omnichannel enablement, and distribution. Ultimately, it can abruptly slower time-to-market and mislay the competitive edge.  A PIM solution enables businesses to create and manage product content and deliver relevant product data to every channel and market segment.

Get Deeper Insight: What is PIM & Why Use PIM?

Does Magento Provide Robust PIM and CMS Capabilities?

Magento has excellent capabilities to drive your digital commerce business. This platform has been quite popular amongst its users for being the most competing product in the market. Magento has also demonstrated innovation in its technology stack in recent years. With GraphQL and Progressive Web Apps, this platform has been quite pioneering in current times.

However, many analysts consider Magento's native personalization and PIM functionality weaker than competitors. Magento’s PIM functionality is not robust enough for today’s demanding businesses; thus, companies generally adopt a PIM solution from an external vendor.

Moreover, a robust CMS is a pre-requisite for omnichannel content delivery and marketing agility. Magento's CMS functionality has evident gaps and lacks features for personalization, customer data management, and content commerce. Magento partners with others (most prominently Adobe) to fill these gaps.

Then…How Does Pimcore Help?

Pimcore is a leading Open Source Digital Platform that can solve any product data management and content management challenge, no matter the volume and variety. Pimcore PIM can integrate, consolidate, and manage any type and amount of product data, customer data, digital assets, and content. It is multi-domain and multi-vector compatible, for organizations of any size and in any industry. Pimcore master data management enables control over a wide range of data assets, including product, customer, and vendor information. Thousands of brands trust Pimcore to harness the full potential of their product data.

Consolidate and Govern Data

Centralize, govern, and harmonize all your marketing, sales, and technical product data with custom product hierarchies, flexible data modeling, versioning, enriching, and multichannel ready publishing capabilities.

Automate Manual Processes

Eliminate manual work, optimize productivity, ensure seamless syndication, and improve the product experience. Get a 360-degree view of a product for both operational and analytical excellence.

Syndicate Product Data

Capture your customers’ attention across markets and touchpoints with automated syndication to more than 2000 sales channels and marketing platforms.

Introduce Products Quickly

Its personalization and localization features allow companies to quickly create and enrich product content as per geography and culture using different date formats, currencies, security, and privacy requirements.

Power Omni-Channel Experience

Pimcore’s agile DXP/CMS ensures channel independent content authoring, management, API-led delivery of data, and powers omnichannel orchestration for exceptional digital experience management.

Integrate with Marketplaces

Expand your digital footprint by integrating with marketplaces worldwide and track orders on a centralized dashboard.

Uphold Consistency and Compliance

In-built digital asset management capability to manage assets rights and permissions and transform images or videos in the required format for brand compliance and consistency. Compatible with 220+ file formats.

Improve Traceability

Integrated dashboards for product analytics and event-triggered scheduled notifications make it easy to track when a product is invalid. It can be traced back to its origin with all changes in an automated way.

Product Experience Portal

Create a central marketing content hub with configurable portals for sharing and searching product information across departments.

Why Use Pimcore with Magento

Same Technology Stack
Pimcore and Magento are alike in the technology stack. Both work on the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), thus enable flexible integration with the help of the same IT team that works on Magento. Pimcore’s extensive, stable, and comprehensive APIs, based on open standards, provide limitless opportunities to innovate as and when required.
Single Platform: PIM, DAM, and CMS
Digital commerce gets increasingly complex, and the need for product experience management arises at every customer touchpoint. Multiple technological capabilities and platforms such as PIM, DAM, CMS are required to create a more engaging product experience. Pimcore comes with integrated PIM, DAM, and CMS modules.
Open-Source and No License Cost
The Community Edition of Pimcore is available free of charge for enterprises through an open-source software license. It is the perfect alternative to commercial enterprise data management and experience management solutions. Moreover, you aren't limited to buying software from one massive vendor. You own the IP.

The Easiest Solution

Make Pimcore and Magento integration lightning-fast and risk-free. Using this connector, you can create, update, and manage your product data within Pimcore’s admin panel with speed and scalability.

This plugin allows Pimcore to send products and categories data to Magento eCommerce systems to empower your omnichannel delivery, reduce time-to-market, and enhance the customer experience.

Pimcore Magento Connector

(1) Integration
Simple products | Configurable products | Grouped products. Keep your media gallery in Pimcore, assign them to category or product, and publish.

(2) Multistore Support
Pimcore Magento integration supports multistore; therefore, any entity can be updated only in a predefined store.

(3) Monitoring and Notifications
Monitor your data sync between Pimcore and Magento through process monitor and logs notifications through emails after sync process execution.

(4) Supported Versions
The connector is compatible with Magento 2 and Pimcore 5.2 and above.

Benefits of Pimcore Magento Connector

By connecting Magento with Pimcore, the combined solution can offer the following benefits:

  • Real-time collaboration among customers, suppliers, and employees
  • Central data management to improve roll-out time across geographies
  • Rich and persistent buyer experience through a unified platform

Our strategic partner Divante has released a simple Pimcore Magento Connector.

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Magento and Pimcore Use Cases

Apparel retailer grows 43% annually

RNB from Sweden owns, operates, and develops online shops in fashion, clothing, accessories, jewelry, and cosmetics. The Group has over 260 stores and e-commerce sites in 10 countries. Using Magento's eCommerce and Pimcore's PIM & DAM, they achieved tremendous revenue growth of 43% annually over four consecutive years (2016 - 2019), with the help of Pimcore Partner Ateles.
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Simplified localization for largest sports chain

Intersport is the world’s largest chain of stores with sports equipment, present in more than 40 countries, having over 5,500 outlets. In Slovenia, they are offering a wide range of quality sports equipment of recognized brands. Pimcore, connected with Magento 2, is used for managing the whole product catalog and all digital asset data for multiple countries (stocks, prices, categorization, attributes, descriptions, images).

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Digitization of automotive brand 

Harald A. Møller is Norway's most significant car importer for Volkswagen, Audi, and SEAT (Europe's fastest-growing car brand). They chose to invest in a wholly digital customer journey where a new SEAT car is only five clicks away. The shipping time on many of the car models is as short as six days. The technical solution uses Magento and Pimcore.

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Digital transformation for food wholesaler

Cash & carry company Zegro has built its entire data management architecture on top of Pimcore. Over 90% of all transactions are digital. The seamless data distribution from Pimcore orchestrates many data streams to their complex IT landscape, including Magento 2 Enterprise. On top of the Pimcore MDM infrastructure, several Progressive Web Apps improve customer experience. Now the company has all data consolidated and actionable, increasing the time-to-market tremendously, thanks to our partner Youwe.

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