Vision & Mission

Own the digital world. That’s not only our claim, but the cornerstone of our vision and strategy. Because Digital is on the move and digital transformation is challenging leading companies around the globe.

Creating software for digital transformation processes is our passion

The result is a unique software stack for managing data and user experiences. For over 7 years we have strived to make the strongest, most effective open source digital platform on earth. To enable companies to own their digital world.

Founded in 2013, the Pimcore GmbH is the true home of some of the brightest minds in content management, digital asset management, product information management and eCommerce. And every day, these guys push the limits of Pimcore.

With our consolidated platform for PIM/MDM, DAM, CMS and eCommerce we make professional website development, eCommerce, product information management and digital asset management a more productive and enjoyable experience. We help agencies, software integrators and developers to work faster and more effective by consolidating key applications, eliminating the need for complex integrations, raising the product quality and providing an awesome ROI.

Any Data

Pimcore places data management at the core of digital experience management. Manage and integrate any type and any amount of digital data.

Any Channel

Put your customers at the center of everything and deliver outstanding experiences across all touch points. Efficiently deliver any content to any output channel.

Any Process

The digital transformation of marketing and commerce is core to Pimcore. Create outstanding content and commerce applications for any B2B/B2C process.

Any One

We want to disrupt and inspire the entire digital industry with our products and platform for developers. We do it for any one. That's why Pimcore is open source and has no licensing cost. It is free for developers, small businesses, and large global enterprises.