Applying at Pimcore

How to join the coolest crew in space

If you had your fair share of trips around the sun, you’re probably familiar with how to apply for a job at this point. So you’re most likely thinking, “I’ll just send a cover letter and a CV, and then hope for the best”. Well, not so fast! You might have noticed by now that Pimcore is not your average employer …

The best way to get our attention

We don’t want any boring, run-of-the-mill cover letters. Actually, f*** those! No, seriously … We want to know who you really are and whether you’d be a good match for our team. We don’t need you to tell us that it’s been your lifelong dream to work for Pimcore. What we do want is for you to reach out to us and be your authentic self. What that looks like is totally up to you. You could send us an (informal) e-mail with your CV attached or just give us a call.

“Not having to write a standard cover letter was great. I always feel like I sound a bit ‘lame’ when writing those, and I never know what to put there anyway. There are other – better – ways to show who you are and what drives you.”
Iveta (Marketing Manager)

What happens next?

We’ll review your documents together with the experts of the department you want to work in. If we think you’d make a good fit, we will call you and invite you in for an interview. Alternatively, we can do the entire process remotely. What happens if we decide it’s not a match? We’ll still give you a call and tell you personally. That’s a matter of course for us. We appreciate every single candidate showing an interest in our company!

Our first meet & greet

You’ve made it through the first round? Congrats! Now we’d love for you to come visit us at our home base in Salzburg. That’s not possible for you? No problem either. We’ll schedule a video call …

What follows is your first job interview with us. Actually, let’s not call it an interview. It will be more like a casual conversation. There’s no script – and we don’t have a checklist. You won’t see us ticking boxes on a clipboard. We’ll simply have a chat and tell you more about Pimcore – and you tell us more about yourself. And then, we’ll see where the conversation takes us. What’s important to us is that you get a better idea of the values we live by. In return, we want to find out more about your mindset.

“I’m always a bit nervous going into an interview – but everyone was super friendly, so it was actually a very pleasant experience.”
Iveta (Marketing Manager)

By the way

You know what makes astronauts succeed on their missions in space? They …

  • … are first and foremost team players.
  • … see problems as interesting puzzles to be solved.
  • … embrace lifelong learning.

The same is true for our Pimconauts!

Ground control to candidate: You’re in for a challenge!

If the initial conversation goes well, we’ll contact you with a challenge. Sounds scary? It’s not! This isn’t like an exam in school where there’s only one correct answer. We want you to find out what it’s like to work for us, and we’d like to see how you approach the task at hand.

“My tip for future applicants: Spend at least a bit of your time on the challenge, because that’s where you can really show your skills!”
Iveta (Marketing Manager)

Time to seal the deal

Once we all decide that you’d make a great new crew member and an awesome Pimconaut, we’ll meet again and speak about your future responsibilities and salary. If we’re all on the same page, we’ll seal the deal!

Feeling called to explore space with us? Are you ready for a new adventure? Apply for one of our vacancies now or send us a speculative application!

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Contact Mission Control

If you want to send us a speculative application or enter our space program in some other way, shape or form … Send us your contact details – we’ll get in touch!
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