Your benefits at Pimcore

Successful space missions require passion and wellbeing

Everything we do at Pimcore is based on a few guiding principles that shape our daily work and life as an interplanetary crew. Our core values are passion, trust, and respect, and we also encourage everyone to think outside the box. These values both allow for and require a high level of flexibility and individual responsibility. We measure success based on goals achieved and space missions accomplished!

We are also constantly driven by the desire to get better at what we do. We learn and grow together every day. And since success and constant growth require us to leave our comfort zone (and sometimes this universe), we need to optimally take care of ourselves. This allows us to tap into our full potential and leave a footprint with our work.

To ensure the long-term happiness and wellbeing of every Pimconaut, we have a range of benefits in place to guarantee an optimal balance in your life and make our space missions both easier and even more enjoyable.

Flexibility & wellbeing

We believe in having our Pimconauts take responsibility for what they do and accomplish on a daily basis. Of course, this also means granting them certain freedoms to decide for themselves how they want to plan their days and how they can be at their most productive. We encourage everyone to make sure they feel good and fulfilled in their life and work. And we’re more than happy to lay the foundation for that!

We love early birds as much as night owls

We’ll offer you the greatest possible flexibility regarding your own time management. You decide when you want to get behind the cockpit of your spaceship. Contact us for details!

100 % remote work (if desired)

Don’t want to work at our home base in Salzburg or Langenfeld? No problem! We provide full-remote work equipment as well as home office compensation for our Pimconauts. 

Hybrid work options

You want to have the option to work from home and occasionally visit the mothership in Salzburg – for meetings or just to touch base? Sure thing! We offer travel cost compensation. 

1 extra vacation day for every year as a Pimconaut

You’ll get an additional paid day off for every year as a Pimconaut. The longer you stay in the Pimcoverse, the more vacation days you get. 

Wellbeing budget

New running shoes, a day at the spa, a new hammock for your balcony … You know best what makes you feel good and helps you recover from your space missions. 

Sabbaticals and workations

Whatever your plans and dreams are: We’re happy to support you in making them a reality! Just contact ground control when the time has come. 

Culture & development

Keep your friends close and your crew even closer! On our journey straight to the moon, we have to be able to rely on each other 1,000 %. That’s why we strongly promote a culture of personal and professional development as well as a sense of belonging through team-building activities and a shared vision and mission.

Awesome company & team events

Alongside company events, we have a dedicated budget just for team-building activities. Playing laser tag, exiting an escape room, going bowling: The space crew decides what’s next! 

Pimcore clothing collection

We’ll equip every Pimconaut with a Pimcore hoodie, t-shirt, cap and more to design their own spacesuit. We keep updating our Pimcore apparel and love to see you sport it. 

Personal & professional development budget

You’ve probably noticed by now: We believe in fostering a growth mindset. That’s why we’re happy to invest in further education and training – in alignment with your goals!

Bonus payment

We’re a team. One crew with one shared passion. If we achieve our company goals together, you’ll receive an additional bonus payment. 

Employee referral bonus

We’re always on the lookout for qualified people to join our team. If you recommend a candidate who gets hired, you’ll be rewarded with a substantial “finder’s fee”. 

Leave a footprint!

We encourage our crew of Pimconauts to think outside the box, challenge the status quo and leave a mark with their work. Do what sparks your inner fire and sends you off to space! 

Let’s not forget the basics!

Some people call them benefits – we call them a matter of course! Good pay, free food, top-notch equipment, a supportive team, and an office where you can feel at home … Knowing these basics are taken care of allows us to focus on what truly matters: achieving the impossible together!

An attractive salary

You can look forward to an attractive salary as a Pimconaut. Based on your job description, seniority level, and of course also your qualifications, we’ll ensure a fair exchange of energy. 

State-of-the-art equipment & technologies

We’ve handpicked a number of cloud-based tools and technologies to use on our journey into outer space. Needless to say, our hardware is awesome too! 

Subsidized lunch

For each working day, we’ve allocated a budget to spend on lunch. We like to make sure our Pimconauts have all the energy they need for their space travels! 

A crew of passionate & supportive Pimconauts

We’re a young and international space crew. We’re proud of our questioning culture & flat hierarchies. And as Kurt Cobain would say “Come as you are!” – we don’t have a dress code! 

Free snacks and drinks

Cold beverages, coffee & tea, after-work drinks & beer, sweets, ice cream in summer, breakfast foods, and fruit … You won’t ever have to go hungry or thirsty at our home base! 

A mothership you love to land at

A modern industrial-style office with a bar, kitchen, lounge area and rooftop terrace for team barbecues: No wonder we love to touch down and hang out at the mothership!  

Ready to leave your footprint in the Pimcoverse and become part of the coolest crew in space?

We’re happy to tell you more about our benefits in a personal conversation. 

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