Onboarding at Pimcore

What it’s like to board our spaceship

The first day at a new job is exciting, informative and, at the same time, a bit daunting. But don’t worry, any anxiety will quickly fade as you meet your new colleagues. We’ll guide you through the entire onboarding process and help you settle in. We’ll make sure that “daunting” quickly turns into “empowering”. And we’ll get you space-ready before you can say “Straight to the moon!”

That’s onboarding, the Pimcore way. But what exactly does it entail? We’ll tell you!

Dust off your spacesuit … ‘cause it’s about to get real!

At Pimcore, you can be sure, we’ll have everything ready for you as soon as you step foot on our spaceship. We will welcome you personally and have your hardware, software and system accounts prepped. If you’re a developer, we’ll also get your IDEs running. And: There might even be a little welcome package waiting on your desk … 

You’re working fully remote from another planet?

No worries, we’ll ship you everything you need.
On your first day, you’ll also receive your individual onboarding plans – one by HR and one by your department. This helps you schedule the upcoming days and know what to look forward to. One of the most important tasks on the agenda: Take a break, have a coffee or drink together, and share a laugh with the crew!

“The first time I had a beer with the crew was definitely special to me. It was the day we moved into the new office and also my first time meeting the crew in person in Salzburg. It was a super fun and gratifying team bonding experience.”
Jia Jia (Fullstack Developer)

Your first week at Pimcore

One thing’s for sure: We won’t let you float around in space all by yourself. You’ll always have a buddy at your side if you need help – but in reality, anyone will be happy to support you as you explore the Pimcoverse. True to our motto “Don’t be afraid”, we want you to be curious, ask questions and take action. What we don’t want is for you to get stressed out. There’s really no reason! And there’s no such thing as an embarrassing question … We’ve definitely got your back!

“On one of my first days at the office, I wasn’t able to setup the Docker and WSL on my work laptop and, at some point, I literally had the entire Dev team helping me out. For context, this wasn’t my first time doing the setup. I already had to do that for the coding challenge. So that was a bit uncomfortable – but everyone was really cool and supportive about it! I felt at ease right away and was grateful for the help they provided.” 

Jia Jia (Fullstack Developer)

Especially during the first few days ...

... it’s all about settling in and getting a general idea of what’s happening at the company. What do the various departments do? What tools do we use? What do our processes look like? Who shares my guilty pleasure: gummy bears and energy drinks? Who are the early birds and who the night owls? You’re about to find all that out! 

“I was super excited to be part of the crew and about being able to contribute to improving Pimcore. I was thrilled to see what’s happening “behind the scenes” and to surround myself with people that are open-minded, true visionaries, and passionate about what they do.”
Jia Jia (Fullstack Developer)

The journey continues …

A mission into outer space takes more than a few days – and the same goes for our onboarding process. What matters most is for you to find out how we work and what makes us tick.

You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to take part in training and learn from your fellow Pimconauts – during the first few weeks and well beyond!

“Initially, I was worried that all my mistakes would be publicly criticized but turns out there was really nothing to worry about. The anxiety was quickly gone. Receiving constructive feedback from the community – and later on, being able to give it myself – even became my favorite part of the job!”

Jia Jia (Fullstack Developer)

After the first month, we’ll sit down and talk again.

We’ll recap how your missions went and whether you’re happy with the direction things are going. But that’s not all: We want to pick your brain and find out what you would change. Is there anything that could be improved? A fresh pair of eyes sometimes makes all the difference. And as you know: We’re anything but uptight and rigid. So don’t be shy – speak your mind!

Let’s grow together!