Salzburg, the center of the Pimcoverse

Pimcore is at home around the world. But there’s a reason why our mothership is moored in Austria. Firstly, because it’s an excellent business location. But there are about a zillion other reasons why we love Austria in general and Salzburg in particular.

We promise you that you will be stoked working in a place like Salzburg, too. What makes us so sure? Because it’s hands down one of the most beautiful places on earth – and probably in the whole universe.

Why we love Austria & especially Salzburg

New York, Tokyo, Sydney – been there, done that. The coolest space crew on the planet works from somewhere else: Salzburg. To some, it’s just a small dot on the map. For us, it’s where the magic happens.

When you think of Austria, the only things that come to mind are cows, Mozart and The Sound of Music? True, there’s that – but then there’s so much more! Basically, we’re living the work-life-balance dream here. Just imagine waking up to this every day …

Crystal-clear lakes, glaciers, forests, meadows – Austria has it all. The best thing about it: It doesn’t take a space flight to get there! Living in Salzburg, some of the country’s most stunning attractions are basically at your doorstep.

An after-work hike up Schober mountain, a canoe trip on the Salzach river or a morning swim in Lake Wallersee? Not a problem for a Pimconaut based in Salzburg!

If you’re into sports, you’ll wish your days had more than 24 hours. Skiing, hiking, swimming, mountain biking, … even your regular run around the block turns into a stunning outdoor experience here.

The way we see it, Salzburg has an unbeatable combination going for it. It takes only a few minutes to get from the city to its lush green surroundings and vice versa – giving you the best of both worlds. Because let’s be real: You can only do so much hiking before you need a little … party!

And that’s where Pimcore comes into play! We don’t mean to brag, but we love a good party, and our company events are legendary.

And if there’s no Pimcore party going on, you can always head to one of Salzburg’s party spots. The city center is full of funky bars, crazy clubs and cozy pubs where you can enjoy a nice after-work drink or two. Plus, there’s a huge choice of restaurants that are perfect for sampling your way through everything from Wiener Schnitzel to Kaiserschmarren.  

If you’re a culture buff, you will feel like you have just stepped through the gates of paradise in Salzburg. The city is steeped in history, with famous historic buildings lining the way practically everywhere you go. There’s Salzburg Cathedral, the famous Fortress, Mozart’s birthplace ...

Talking about Mozart: Although locals are quite adamant that their city is about more than just Mozart, he is omnipresent in Salzburg. And that’s a good thing! After all, the city’s connection to one of the most famous musical geniuses of all time has made it a cultural hotspot.

The city’s arts and culture scene is thriving, with classical concerts, festivals and theater performances taking place practically every day. Classical music isn’t really your thing? Don’t worry, there are numerous concert venues, clubs and bars where you can catch everything from rock to jazz, punk or electronic music.

In our opinion, Salzburg has won the location lottery, being situated right in the heart of Europe. Within a few hours’ drive, you can be practically anywhere. The big city buzz of Vienna, the Oktoberfest in Munich, the sights of Graz or Innsbruck … all of them are just a day trip away.

And did you know that it only takes three hours to get to the glittering coast of the Mediterranean Sea from Salzburg? We dare say, your weekends will be busy …!

Our personal top 7 things to do in Salzburg


If you’re wondering what should be on your list of things to do when visiting the Pimcore home base in Salzburg – here’s our team’s top tips: 

1. A visit to Hohensalzburg Fortress

“From up there, you’ll have a wonderful view over the city and also learn about the history of Salzburg. What’s more, you can then take a walk over to Mönchsberg and see the city from various angles.” – Luca (Human Experiences & Employer Branding)

2. A stroll through Getreidegasse

“Because it’s where you’ll find Mozart's birthplace. The cathedral is also close by, and there are lots of places to shop, bars/pubs for a drink. You also get a good impression of the old town of Salzburg.” – Marco (Developer)

3. An evening at Kaiviertel district

“In Kaiviertel district, there are lots of little restaurants and cozy bars where you can spend a really nice evening.” – Thalena (Partner Manager)

4. A hike on Gaisberg

“If you want to enjoy nature, don’t miss out on a hike on Gaisberg, one of Salzburg’s local mountains. You’ll have a beautiful view of the whole city of Salzburg, and the best thing is: Once you reach the top, you can reward yourself with a cold beer at Kohlmayr’s.” (Bernhard, CTO)

5. Watching the sunset at Überfuhrsteg

“Überfuhrsteg is a wonderful place to watch the sunset. There are many people sitting on the banks of the river Salzach, drinking, listening to music, and simply having a good time. The atmosphere is amazing.” – Antoine (Marketing Manager)

6. A stop at Hangar-7

“Visiting Hangar 7 is definitely well worthwhile. There are original Formula One race cars and the Flying Bulls aircraft fleet on display.” – Maximilian (Client Success Manager)

7. A family visit to Salzburg Open-Air Museum

“It’s a perfect day trip for the whole family. My kids loved it. Ride the train, take a look into traditional houses from the past and climb around, look at old machines and trains .... It’s all about discovering new things.” – Christian (CPO)

With Pimcore, the world’s your oyster!

We think we have made it quite clear why you should come work at the Pimcore home base in Salzburg. However, if you’d rather work from Venus, the Moon or another galaxy … that’s fine with us too! Pimcore’s at home in outer space – and you can be too.

Simply make use of our remote work scheme and join us from the planet you prefer!

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