Case Study: Carter's - Impression #1

Case Study: Leading children's brand extends its online reach in the GCC

Carter’s is the leading brand of children’s clothing in the United States. It emphasizes quality, innovation, and value. This has made them the first choice among generations of families there.

Carter's, the largest brand of baby and children's clothing in the US, handles matters important to parents and children with innovation and proficiency. They have a website largely focused on the US market. When Lals Group wanted a new Carter's website exclusive to the UAE market, they entrusted Codilar with building it. Codilar's work with their other brand, Mom Store, had impressed them. Codilar completed this task quickly and efficiently.

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Wooing customers in the UAE

Lals Group wanted a UAE-oriented website for their children’s clothing brand, Carter’s. They were extremely satisfied with Codilar’s work for their Mom Store brand with Pimcore and other technologies. So, they asked Codilar to build it for them. The unique challenge here was building a website that helped replicate the success they had achieved in the US. Codilar also had to keep Carter’s heritage of quality, innovation, and value in mind.
Case Study: Dharmendra Mehta, Group Head of eCommerce, Lals Group
"We were quite satisfied with the performance of Pimcore on our other website, Mom Store. So, choosing it for this website was a no-brainer."
Dharmendra Mehta, Group Head of eCommerce, Lals Group

A worthy online platform for a great brand

After Codilar studied the US website of Carter’s and understood the requirements well, they set out to build the UAE website. They integrated Pimcore and Magento: Pimcore was used to manage the product catalog and Magento its commercialization. They used an open-source module from Divante Ltd to integrate Pimcore with Magento. They customized it according to the unique needs of Carter’s. They also ensured maximum security and privacy by granting data access according to user or role privileges. Codilar introduced a queueing system in Pimcore by which many batches of product information can be uploaded simultaneously. Not only did this help enrich product data, but it also meant zero time wasted in waiting for the complete input of a batch of product information. The platform supports all types of products, such as configurable and bundle. This means that Carter’s can avail of marketing strategies like product bundling.
Case Study: Hashid Hameed, CEO, Codilar Technologies Pvt Ltd
"The UAE website of Carter’s has 12000 products. However, this can increase to many more in the future. We chose PIM to ensure easy scalability when needed."
Hashid Hameed, CEO, Codilar Technologies Pvt Ltd

Lightning-fast build that brought all-round satisfaction

The client, Lals Group, wanted Codilar to mirror the success of the Mom Store project. So, Codilar extended the technologies used for the Mom Store website, customizing them according to Carter’s requirements. Codilar was able to implement them and showcase Carter’s 12000 products with great success. Moreover, the UAE website of Carter’s was a lightning-fast build as it was up and running in one and a half months.

Key Results

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