Case Study: Ceramika Paradyż Sp. z o.o. - Impression #1

Case Study: Central HUB for product showcase and online sales process for leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles

Ceramika Paradyż is one of the largest, most innovative and regularly awarded Polish ceramic tile manufacturers. Its products are offered in more than 50 countries worldwide.

In response to the rapid expansion and commitment to innovation, the deployment of a Product Information Management (PIM) system became imperative for our Client. This was essential for streamlining data integration into their new website and e-commerce platform. LemonMind has partnered with Ceramika Paradyż to develop a platform that is adaptable and facilitates swift, effective distribution of product and sales details across channels.

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Customer Key Facts

1 300
11 000

Pioneering Digital Product Display

The primary objective of this initiative was to establish a centralized product data repository accessible to all relevant parties. Ceramika Paradyż sought an advanced approach to displaying product information on their website, mirroring the innovative nature of their products. The website required a user-friendly, intuitive design, showcasing a broad spectrum of products attractively. Earlier attempts had to be modified to achieve better representation of the entire product range, link digital assets, and establish relations between products. Additionally, the project aimed to introduce a new e-commerce platform aligned with the company's strategic vision and ecosystem. Enhanced automation in this domain not only accelerated and elevated the quality of product communication but also enhanced the brand image and user experience.
"The implementation of the Pimcore system was a key step in our development. The aim was to create a central data source and to present our products in an innovative way. We wanted a website that was intuitive, had a unique design. The system allowed us to automate, speed up and improve the quality of communication, which significantly improved our company image and user experience."
Piotr Krawczyk, V-ce Marketing Director at Ceramika Paradyż

Innovating Online Product Representation

The process began with identifying product attributes and establishing a multi-tiered technical category structure. Given the frequent introduction of new collections, a highly flexible and straightforward data management system was essential. The solution encompassed not just product data organization but also integrated product, customer and order data exchange with the ERP system. Other integrations included authorization systems and sales network data. The website serves as a product showcase and a source of inspiration and information about the company and its sales outlets. The site's search functionality was enhanced with the Elasticsearch engine, and website content management was augmented to include SEO optimization and dynamic URL generation. User experience was further refined by customizing the Pimcore panel to meet user requirements.
Case Study: Jakub Kwiatkowski, Project Manager, LemonMind
"Our main task was to tailor the system to the specific needs of the client. A key element was to ensure that the ERP system would be fully integrated with the PIM system. We also implemented solutions to fed data to different distribution channels. Implementing the flexible Pimcore system allowed Ceramika Paradyż to continuously innovate their product offering, which was a key goal of the project."
Jakub Kwiatkowski, Project Manager, LemonMind

Enabling Innovative Product Display with a Versatile System

The PIM system evolved into the principal hub for consolidating product data from the ERP system, augmented with information and assets from various sources. This data was disseminated across multiple channels for user access. The website effectively presents company and product range information, facilitating product purchases. Additionally, data from the PIM, including pricing, availability, and other product details, is utilized in external online marketing channels. The CMS administration panel enables the creation of diverse sub-pages and landing pages. A crucial aspect was integrating the service with internal company systems to ensure data import and consistent synchronization. Implementing the Pimcore system fulfilled all objectives in PIM/MDM, CMS, DAM, and e-commerce domains. The outcome is a system with a dynamic data model, primed for ongoing development and innovation in product showcasing and sales.

Key Results

Product attributes
20 000
Media Assets
50 000
Data Objects

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