Case Study: Digital transformation of the tourism industry - Impression #1

Case Study: Engaging Visualisation and Enrichment of Complex Tourism Data

The joint-stock company "Garda Dolomiti S.p.A. - Azienda per il Turismo", based in Riva del Garda, is responsible for the marketing & promotion of the area's image. The company's tasks include information services, marketing initiatives, expansion of the tourist offer, and also the maintenance of the ecological, cultural, and historical heritage.

Marketing Factory developed the product "DestiSuite" with the support of qualified experts from the tourism industry. DestiSuite is a collection of configurable modules that help DMOs achieve their advertising and marketing goals. This combines the best of both worlds: native integration of data on the website via APIs and lower costs compared to an individual implementation thanks to an "as-a-service" approach.

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Challenge: digital transformation of the tourism industry

Digital transformation increasingly affects the tourism sector resulting in changing needs of the industry's stakeholders. Especially digital services and products are gaining importance and are consequently transforming supply and demand across the global market. Marketing Factory's experience from various tourism projects proved that the data landscape in the tourism sector is still very unstructured. Consequently, there is a great need for support in the development of digital tourism offers. Therefore, the challenge was to use data from different sources to map the variety of touristic offers and benefits and present them properly. This resulted in the development of the "DestiSuite".
Case Study: Oskar Schwazer, General Management at Garda Dolomiti
"With DestiSuite, the Gardatrentino website has an excellent data overview: customers receive a clear presentation of information which significantly improves the user experience and usability."
Oskar Schwazer, General Management at Garda Dolomiti

Exchange and connection of tourism data under an "as-a-service" approach

Marketing Factory met the requirements of the challenge with the Pimcore solution "DestiSuite". The product is realized with an "as-a-service" approach. DestiSuite comprises several configurable module blocks that help destinations to display and enhance tourism-relevant data - these include the following modules: Accommodation, POI, Tour & Map, Event, Snow, Webcam, Holiday-Planner, Experience, and DMO offers. All modules can be customized and individually integrated into the UX and UI design of the websites. In addition to a thoughtful and appealing presentation, special attention is paid to suitable responsiveness. DestiSuite was realized as a Pimcore extension and is available on Pimcore 6 as well as on Pimcore X. Further developments are carried out centralized and continuously in order to meet the changing requirements of the tourism industry. DestiSuite customers benefit from modules that are always up to date.

Case Study: Stefanie Essl, Senior Project Manager at Marketing Factory
"We are particularly proud to be able to leverage synergies with DestiSuite in the development of modules for visualization and enrichment of tourism data. This allows us to create an outstanding web experience for the user and to focus on further developments to cover current tourism trends at the same time. Especially the high integrity of DestiSuite enhances the content significantly."
Stefanie Essl, Senior Project Manager at Marketing Factory

Modern and homogeneous solution for the individual presentation of tourism data

DestiSuite is used to display complex tourism data and includes the following benefits: - Control over the data - Look&Feel: structured and clear presentation for better usability - Synchronisation with third-party systems via APIs - Outsourcing of the purchase process - Personalisation - Compliance with SEO standards - Multi-site capability - DestiSuite data for content enrichment With DestiSuite, destinations have an optimised data overview: customers receive a clear presentation of information which enormously increases the user experience as well as the usability of the destination websites.

Key Results

Increased Website Traffic
Impressive customer experience
Excellent Data Overview

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