Case Study: GT Group Tomaszek Sp. z o.o. - Impression #1

Case Study: Digitalization of One of the Household Appliances & Electronics Distribution Leaders

GT Group Tomaszek is one of the leaders in the Polish home appliances/RTV market. The company has six recognizable brands in the home appliances, consumer electronics, and home furnishings industry.

A wide range of product offerings, numerous sales channels, and suppliers have necessitated the launch of a centralized tool to help organize and facilitate the collection, processing, and distribution of data to various sales channels. Modifications and dedicated extensions for Pimcore, developed by Ideo Software, have improved the management of the extensive product base.

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Digital transformation of the home appliance sector

In the era of digitalization, more and more companies are choosing to make technological changes in some areas. The household appliances industry is a perfect example – constantly expanding product offer requires appropriate tools to organize data in the enterprise. Ideo Software's analysis has shown that the GT Group requires a special approach that goes beyond the standard management of an extensive product database (61.855). The biggest challenge was to develop modifications and dedicated extensions. They were to result in a tool that precisely classifies and distributes product data to many sales channels.

Case Study: Damian Sobaszek, Manager for Implementation and Development of E-commerce Technologies, GT Group Tomaszek Sp. z o.o.
"I believe that it is crucial for e-commerce companies to choose business partners who deal with the provision and implementation of IT systems wisely. During the search for technological partners, it is initial to verify their previous implementations, development plans for the provided tools, and to determine the method of performing tasks."
Damian Sobaszek, Manager for Implementation and Development of E-commerce Technologies, GT Group Tomaszek Sp. z o.o.

Development of modifications and additional extensions to the system

The project includes a number of modifications and additional modules aimed at optimizing data management in various sales areas. First of all, product tabs were created with specific categories to speed up the addition of products to different sales channels and organize data in the system. New forms provide an intuitive way to add new product tabs, and distribute tasks to individual users of the tool. In addition, the platform has been supplemented with a generator for promotional graphics and sending emails with an offer to specific recipients of a mailing group. This saves the graphic designer's time and improves the flow of information about new promotions. The new product importer with validation minimizes the risk of putting the wrong description on the page. Product resource exporter streamlines the process of transferring data to different recipients.
Case Study: Ewa Tomaszek, Vice President of the Management Board, GT Group Tomaszek Sp. z o.o.
"People – this is the greatest value of the company. We focus on smart and ambitious employees, because they are the ones who take part in the implementation of tools and innovative solutions. The synergy of the right technology and the right people to implement it or use it optimally is a recipe for success in e-commerce."
Ewa Tomaszek, Vice President of the Management Board, GT Group Tomaszek Sp. z o.o.

Modern and structured solution for presenting product data

The jointly developed extensions have maximally structured the product data in the GT Group in each sales channel. Thanks to additional functionalities, we obtained a more efficient information workflow, and the presentation of the product offer became more attractive. All users were given specific roles and priorities, which made the product implementation processes more intuitive and faster.

Key Results

Reduced duplicate data
Time saved in data maintenance
Increased conversion rate

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