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Case Study: A Digital Platform For The Global Experience Market

Jochen Schweizer mydays Group is Europe’s leading experience provider and offers 10.000+ experiences.

Jochen Schweizer and mydays were two separate companies. They joined forces under the umbrella of the Jochen Schweizer mydays Group (JSMD) as a member of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE and became Europe’s leading experience provider. For their digital infrastructure this meant that the legacy systems of the formerly separated companies needed to be replaced with a new central digital platform based on future-proof, scalable, and light-weight microservices. They won the award Customer of the Year at Pimcore Inspire 2021.

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Customer Key Facts


The architecture

The platform is based on state-of-the-art architecture principles, best practices, and technologies, such as AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Service Mesh (Istio), Apache Kafka, Microservices, Micro frontends, Self-Contained Systems, Event-Driven Architecture, Domain-Driven Design, and Behavior Driven Development. In software development, the tech stacks NodeJS and React, Golang, and PHP are used. Using a microservices approach, JSMD can perform independent deployment and scaling of individual features. After the choice of a suitable tech stack for a feature, clear boundaries for this technology are defined by the feature it is built around. Most systems and services are self-contained, which means they can run autonomously and contain all data they need to perform their tasks. The ownership of data is cleared defined, and each service is the master system for the data is needs.
"Pimcore offers everything we need, integrates well with our systems, and fits our tech stack."
Christian Vogel, Head of Engineering & Technology

The Solution

The digital platform acts as a common service layer and serves the group's brand channels, e.g.,,, which are implemented as independent, lightweight stores. Using Pimcore data objects, master data of products, locations, pages, campaigns, creatives and giftwraps can be managed. Pimcore Data Importer is used for bulk updates during black week promotions as well as scheduled workflow changes for products and pages. Pimcore Workflows are used for lifecycle management. Since product pages are an essential part of the digital experience, it was important to provide content managers with enough flexibility and all the tools they need to do an excellent job. For this reason, product lifecycle management was introduced as follows: Every product or page starts off as a draft in the first stage of its lifecycle. During this period content managers can explore different ideas and even play around with content in Pimcore. Once the draft reaches a certain maturity, it can be moved to the stage “preview”. In this stage it can be previewed as it would look like in the online shops but is not publicly visibly to customers yet. When the internal teams are satisfied, the product can be published, entering the stage “online” and becoming searchable and purchasable for customers. Of course, products can be updated, revised, or modified in Pimcore at any time and all shops will automatically receive the updated content. In case of larger modifications or if the product goes out-of-stock, it can be unpublished. Unpublishing a product moves it to the “offline” stage and makes it unavailable for purchase. From this stage it can either be re-published to go online again, or, if it has reached its end of life, it can be archived.


Business Results

By establishing a central source of truth for data, data quality could be improved vastly, and content management processes were speeded up dramatically. Time-to-market for providing data to internal and external stakeholders was improved as well. Content managers are enabled to perform updates by themselves and in a fast manner. Updates of data and content can be planned well in advance and scheduled to go live automatically. As a result of the improved data management, also the customer experience could be improved. By boosting performance and personalization of the newly launched online stores, the digital user experience was increased. Economic benefits also come from higher availability (100% live - zero downtime), significantly shorter page load times (37% improvement), and significantly higher conversion rates without visibility and ranking losses.

Key Results

Increased conversion rate
Increased Page Loading Time

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