Case Study: KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH - Impression #1

Case Study: New Data Management for Product and Image Data

KiK is represented in more than 4,000 stores across Europe with its Fashion, Living & Decorating and Household product ranges. In addition to its stores, KiK also operates a successful online shop.

twocream was entrusted with the realisation of the extensive data management project, including technical conception, development and implementation. Together with the customer, twocream designed all components of this project using Pimcore as the basis system.

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Customer Key Facts

Bn. Euro Turnover
4 000
29 000

Frequently changing product range

KiK stands for "customer is king", and KiK fulfills this promise with a large selection of top-quality products at the best prices. With its "Fashion", "Living & Decorating" and "Household" ranges, KiK is represented in over 4,000 shops in Europe. This makes the company a permanent fixture in the retail sector throughout Europe. In addition to the shops, KiK successfully operates an online shop. The KiK product range is largely seasonal and trend-dependent. The frequent change of products associated with this requires fast, uncomplicated product creation in data management. The fashion, decoration and household themes thrive on images, lots of images. This rapidly growing number of images with all the associated extensive information needs to be managed.


Clean data management with Pimcore

The old PIM system was replaced by the PIM/MDM/DAM system from Pimcore. The volume of products at KiK covers ca. 8,000 products, ca. 25,000 SKUs. The variant articles benefit from the easy-to-use inheritance logic that Pimcore already provides out-of-the-box. Guided workflows have been developed and set up for the release of data objects. The content is managed in a total of 14 languages. A defined workflow takes over many quality assurance functions. Agencies can upload images themselves. However, images can also be made available to KiK partners easily via Pimcore. The system used was Pimcore's DAM system, which provides excellent functionalities, particularly for managing metadata and workflows. Managed alongside images are InDesign and PDF files as well as audio files from radio adverts. DeepL was seamlessly integrated into the project maintenance workflow for the automated translation of texts. With extensive glossaries, a high-quality and fully automated translation.
Case Study: Michael Grothe, CEO, twocream
"Pimcore's many out-of-the-box functions have had a positive impact on project progress, project costs and time-to-market."
Michael Grothe, CEO, twocream

Noticeable speed-up, more data quality

The new system and the workflows have not only noticeably accelerated the data creation, but also significantly increased the quality of the data. The integration of DeepL into the fully automated workflow process has significantly increased the speed of translation. The workflow integration of the external photo agency for image generation has also led to better and leaner processes, including the automatic tagging of images. With the experience portals, the resulting high data quality in the product and asset area can now be made easily available to all partners and customers.

Key Results

1 800
Product attributes
Time saved in data maintenance
29 150
Data Objects

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