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KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH is a mid-sized company. Since 1962, KNAUER has developed and manufactured laboratory instruments that are sold worldwide. The company’s product range covers all instruments relevant to high performance liquid chromatography, and their customers come from the fields of research, medicine, and pharmaceuticals.

Laboratories from 90 different countries rely on KNAUER's systems. To ensure that the Berlin-based company can consistently offer its clients custom-fit solutions, we developed a PIM/DAM system with a connected sales-oriented website based on Pimcore. This allows KNAUER to centrally manage and distribute its product portfolio.

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Confusing list structures and time-consuming maintenance

KNAUER manufactures scientific measurement instruments of the highest quality for research, routine analysis, and quality assurance. Supported technologies include liquid chromatography, precise delivery/dosing of liquids up to high pressures, and detection of dissolved substances in the liquid stream. Configurable products and customized solutions are the company's strengths. Their international customers in science and industry require precise, comprehensive information regarding these products. However, KNAUER lacked the right system for this. Employees worked with complicated and confusing lists. Data maintenance was time-consuming, and often only a few people had the necessary expertise to complete it. In the absence of a suitable form of product search, often data could not be found and redundancies could not be traced. This resulted in considerable manual effort while assisting and supporting customers.
"We are really very satisfied with our decision to use Pimcore. Not only have we been able to significantly reduce our workload in maintaining product data, but we also implemented better service for our customers."
Corinna Johannisson, Marketing

Worldwide employees have access to data on thousands of products

To solve the problem of data organization, the PIM/DAM platform from Pimcore was integrated first. Around 10,000 products and variants were transferred to a structured data model. The data is now maintained in a central location and transmitted via a website implemented with the Pimcore CMS. The intuitive product finder makes it easy for employees and sales partners to find the right products and systems for dealing with different scientific issues.

Data maintenance, finally made easy

With the PIM system based on Pimcore, we made data maintenance much easier for KNAUER's employees. Employees from the service, sales, and marketing departments, as well as the company’s customers and partners, can now centrally access information. They work only with up-to-date, reliable data. Data maintenance and the provision of information therefore requires much less effort. Employees create product data sheets and catalogs in significantly less time. Products can thus also be brought to market more quickly. In addition, customer inquiries via the website have increased. Thanks to the structured product information now provided on the website, potential customers are finding KNAUER products much more frequently through search engines. The website’s sales-oriented approach, with its focus on research and inquiries about KNAUER solutions, takes care of the rest.

Key Results

Increased Website Visitors
Time saved in data maintenance

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