Case Study: LEDVANCE GmbH - Impression #1

Case Study: asioso introduces single source publishing strategy at LEDVANCE

LEDVANCE is one of the world's leading suppliers of general lighting for professional lighting users and end consumers with a comprehensive portfolio of LED luminaires, advanced LED lamps

LEDVANCE intended to completely restructure its entire website, including PIM, DAM and WCMS, with the aim of creating a holistic solution with a central system

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Overcoming complexity, integrating different systems and optimizing data management at Ledvance

The starting point of the project was that Ledvance had a system environment with many different commercial systems. This best-of-breed approach was no longer strategic for the customer, and the aim was to find a holistic solution that covered all topics. This included: SAP connection, introduction of a PIM and DAM, website generation via CMS and the ability to automatically export products and product data to third-party systems. In a preliminary analysis, asioso introduced the customer to the open source platform Pimcore as a single-source publishing solution and explained its advantages. The biggest challenges of this project included the complex product structures that had grown over the years and the interfaces to various third-party providers. There were also very complex import and export rules that had to be taken into account. The DAM was also completely adapted to the customer's requirements and optimized for collaboration with external service providers.

"With open source, agile project management and cloud deployment, we as a company broke new ground and with a very complex project. Thanks to the professional and experienced support from asioso, the project not only became a success but the “new territory” quickly became a new home."
Florian Reiter, Head of Data Management, Ledvance

Pimcore as the key to optimizing data management and workflow at LEDVANCE

The project was implemented using the open source platform Pimcore. asioso introduced the PIM and ensured structured data modeling. In a conception phase, the product data structures were analysed in order to then transfer them from the original system to Pimcore and optimize them at the same time. This was also done for the workflows and processes. asioso also implemented a DAM collaboration platform for managing images, videos, documents, etc. The Pimcore DAM was used for this purpose. The Pimcore DAM frontend was used as the basis for this and extended accordingly. The customer can manage its files internally and also has the option of sharing them with external agencies and employees so that they can also work in the system. Furthermore, bidirectional interfaces to SAP were implemented. This has the advantage that fully automated products come from SAP and are created in Pimcore. The content migration of all LEDVANCE websites was also implemented in the new Pimcore CMS.

Case Study: Goran Stefanovic, COO, asioso
"The LEDVANCE project was a paradigm shift - from a best-of-breed approach to an integrated solution. Our challenges? Complex product structures, interfaces and demanding import-export rules. With Pimcore as the core, we managed to introduce and adapt the PIM, CMS and DAM system and seamlessly integrate SAP."
Goran Stefanovic, COO, asioso

Efficient solutions with Pimcore

A considerable reduction in costs has already been achieved by consistently cutting license costs and integrating open-source technologies. The number of interfaces has been reduced to a minimum in order to increase efficiency. Successful simplification of the overall system architecture facilitates maintenance and administration. Implementation to improve time-to-market led to shorter time-to-market. All required systems and themes were successfully centralized and bundled in Pimcore, enabling seamless collaboration and integration. A user-friendly backend for editors was implemented, optimizing content management. These measures not only reflect cost efficiency, but also create an agile working environment for all stakeholders.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
reduced Cost of Ownership
Product attributes
Time saved in data maintenance

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