Case Study: Digital Product Launcher for Liebherr - Impression #1

Case Study: Digital Product Launcher For Liebherr's G8 Crawler Generation

The Liebherr-Werk Telfs GmbH develops and manufactures hydrostatically driven dozers, loaders, pipelayers and telescopic handlers that are extremely powerful, economical and reliable.

For the launch of the new G8 crawler generation, we created a digital product experience for Liebherr based on Pimcore platform, which enabled the sales department to present the features and benefits of the new product range in an innovative and impressive way: available worldwide and 24/7!

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Customer Key Facts


Digital product presentation as an experience for the customer!

Due to the cancellation of the face-to-face trade shows in 2020 due to the corona pandemic, one issue became acute for Liebherr: the lack of a digital platform to present products, launch new products or carry out stand-alone product campaigns online and virtually as an alternative or to accompany trade shows. The digital presentation option was to strengthen sales and enable them to convince customers with an impressive product show regardless of location and time.
"The Digital Product Launcher is pure PR power and offers a completely new way of addressing customers that brings the power and intelligence of our new machine concept to life in a unique way."
Martin Laengle, Managing Director Liebherr

Interactive website as central information and experience element

The linchpin of Liebherr's Digital Product Launcher is an interactive website that uses spectacular 3D animations to give product enthusiasts the feeling of sitting in the cockpit of a bulldozer themselves. Technically, the website is based on a Pimcore platform, which can be used for any other product presentations. The website is sent to customers via a personal access code. This makes it possible to precisely track customer behavior using Matomo Analytics. At the same time, the key indicators derived from this can be used to continuously optimize the content played out. The Digital Product Launcher is seamlessly integrated into the existing system infrastructure and linked to Liebherr's website landscape. Liebherr's customer management system Li-Vision is also integrated via an interface.

Case Study: Sven Leonhard-Schuster, Board Member mds
"mds & Pimcore convinced the customer: A groundbreaking project for an alternative customer approach without trade fairs. Visually powerful, technically sophisticated and convincing in terms of content and analysis."
Sven Leonhard-Schuster, Board Member mds

Product-specific information "at first hand" (LWT)

With the Digital Product Launcher, Liebherr's sales department has a tool at its disposal with which it can present products online in an attractive way, arouse emotions in customers and position convincing arguments - and all this completely independent of location and time. The focus is clearly on an impressive customer experience. After being provided with individual access data, the customer can independently explore the product range. At the same time, Liebherr receives valuable customer information via the tracking tool, so that the lead can be "charged" at an early stage of a sale and actively followed up by the sales department.

Key Results

Innovative replacement for trade fairs and events
Impressive customer experience

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