Case Study: Macron - Impression #1

Case Study: Macron Joins the Pimcore Team Along with PIM and DAM

Macron is a leading international brand in the design, production, and sale of active sportswear. It operates in five main business areas:

  • teamwear
  • merchandising
  • run & train
  • padel
  • athleisure

The foundation of Macron’s success is in the ability to best interpret the needs of those who practice sports, developing products of technical excellence and top quality.

The PIM / DAM / MDM project aims at redefining and managing the different workflows to facilitate and effectively distribute updates and product information to sales channels.

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Customer Key Facts

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Creating customized data and picture flows.

Macron produces and sells sportswear, including merchandising for various teams (football, rugby, basketball, volleyball, baseball, handball, five-a-side football, running). For some sponsored clubs, Macron also creates and manages the e-commerce site with specific clothing for the individual teams (subset of products also sold by Macron, or exclusively produced). For some products, marked with certain attributes, there is a particular commercial agreement that determines different product information, therefore different attribute sets. There are several sales channels: Scottish Rugby Store, Welsh Rugby Official Store, Sale Sharks Store, Unibo Store and obviously Macron.

Pimcore: work hard, play harder!

Pimcore for Macron adopts PIM/DAM/MDM.

Pimcore is integrated with Macron's ERP through Sync4Pimcore, the connector from Esse Solutions. It receives key product data. Images, on the other hand, come from the software that manages the digital content and are automatically associated with the product through naming convention. We created a unique workflow for each product: once the information is entered, the Macron team independently uploads the content to a channel. Data quality has been enabled. Depending on the channel, the image background can be automatically changed from white to gray. The ability to publish data in bulk has been introduced to speed up the uploading of products online.

The pricing system has been modified, creating different price lists: pricing comes from the ERP and is subsequently implemented based on commercial policies that take into account the channel and the output store. Thanks to the Media Kit, Macron can create zipped product folders that contain pictures and a csv of optional and related data. A system of inheritable permissions has been implemented through picture correlation: pictures can be seen or avoided and can be overwritten within the system itself.


Macron’s data management has been revolutionized with Pimcore

The new Pimcore solution has significantly changed the way Macron operates: previously, data management was based almost exclusively on organizing information in shared files, manually edited and enriched by the various members of the Macron team. The files were subsequently synchronized to e-commerce through an agreed procedure, which inevitably included mistakes and took a substantial amount of time. Solving this complex integration has resulted in a considerable saving of time for Macron and, above all, effective data control and governance.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Reduced duplicate data
Time saved in data maintenance
Improved Data Quality

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