Case Study: Mom Store - Impression #1

Case Study: Mom and baby products company gets a digital home

Mom Store offers a diverse, well-curated mix of utilitarian yet trendy products that cover the whole journey of motherhood.

Mom Store is one of the biggest brands in the infant care market that offers a large number of mom and baby products. Using Pimcore integrated with Magento, Codilar created a dynamic eCommerce platform that showcases their wide variety of products and can easily handle a large amount of product information.

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Customer Key Facts

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Product Attributes

A user-friendly website that showcases multiple products

Lals Group wanted to present the diverse range of Mom Store products on a digital platform that was easy to manage but superior in look and functionality. They also wanted a digital data management process by which they could manage the enormous amount of product information without complications. Mom Store had a large number of products—over 50,000 before launch and currently around 80,000. They had to be displayed aesthetically, along with over 90 attributes and images related to them. Lals Group knew about the advantages of Pimcore and approached Pimcore partner Codilar to implement it for them.
Case Study: Dharmendra Mehta, Group Head of eCommerce, Lals Group
"Codilar has helped us to build a robust omnichannel ecommerce platform for Carter’s, HomesRus, Momstore and Oshkosh. The team at Codilar is young, talented and extremely nimble. They highly focus on a customer centric approach which resonates well with our values at Lals Group."
Dharmendra Mehta, Group Head of eCommerce, Lals Group

A comprehensive solution with manifold facets

Codilar analyzed the existing assets and IT infrastructure of Mom Store. They created an extensive eCommerce platform for Mom Store with Pimcore as its backbone and Magento as its facade. That is, they used Pimcore to manage the product catalog and Magento for commercialization. They introduced a queueing system to enrich product data in Pimcore. This meant that anyone can input a batch of product information without waiting for a previous batch to be completed. They ensured that data access is according to user or role privileges, thereby increasing security and privacy. To integrate Pimcore with Magento, Codilar used an open-source module from Divante Ltd, which they customized to handle the large product catalog. They also added support for various types of products, such as configurable and bundle. This enabled product bundling, which is grouping several products and selling them as a single unit.
Case Study: Hashid Hameed, CEO, Codilar Technologies Pvt Ltd
"Mom Store has more than 85,000 products, with over 90 related attributes and images. We were searching for a platform that can handle a huge amount of data and reduce the load of the parent system. PIM helped us do exactly that."
Hashid Hameed, CEO, Codilar Technologies Pvt Ltd

An excellent combination of utility, ease, and aesthetics

Pimcore partner Codilar successfully managed product information for over 85000 unique products. They introduced a queueing system that helps update or modify product information with ease. They ensured security by granting user- and role-specific data accessibility. They also added support for bundled products, which meant better sales. Codilar completed the project in three months. The client, Lals Group, was satisfied with the Mom Store website as it is functional, user-friendly, and visually appealing. They entrusted Codilar with the websites of two more of their retail outlets—Carter’s and Homes R Us.

Key Results

Increased Website Traffic in %
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Increased conversion rate in %
Increased time on page in %

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