Case Study: Reducing time-to-market to expand eCommerce operation with Pimcore - Impression #1

Case Study: Streamlining Product Information Management and Improving Time-to-Market With Pimcore

The SSI Group has been Southeast Asia's leading retailer since the 1980s. With an extensive brand portfolio, their eCommerce offerings include luxury, casual, fast fashion, beauty, and footwear.

We utilized the Pimcore platform to build a bridge between the SSI Group’s legacy system and Asia’s leading lifestyle eCommerce marketplace Zalora. The solution enabled the SSI Group to effortlessly publish product content and assets to the digital marketplace using Pimcore.

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The SSI Group was expanding its business in the emerging e-commerce market in the region. As part of the partnership, SSI Group wanted to publish its products on Zalora, an e-commerce marketplace based in Singapore. Key Challenges- 1. Massive Data Handling: The legacy systems were inefficient & created scalability issues in handling large volumes of product information and related attributes. Having a vast range of products, sorting and sifting through content information became tedious and prone to errors. 2. Managing Cluttered Product Information: Our client faced another issue managing numerous products with related content and assets effectively. Regularly creating new products made it difficult for the team to organize and enrich them. 3. Inaccurate Product Description: SSI's team could not accurately publish product descriptions on the e-commerce marketplace due to disorganized product information. This issue hindered product sales, adversely affecting their growth strategy.


Pimcore as a bridge between two systems

We enabled the SSI team to easily add, enrich & publish data objects to the Zalora platform from the existing ERP systems. Pimcore was a service bridge between the legacy systems & the eCommerce platform. It fetched product data from the existing ERP system to Pimcore to enrich data & published it using APIs. 1. Seamless flow of data objects We formulated a data flow allowing easy data retrieval from legacy ERP systems using APIs and maintaining it on the tailored Pimcore platform. 2. Using Pimcore for data enrichment We deeply comprehended the different types of product information of 100+ brands. We created universal data fields, allowing the client to organize and segregate multiple products—a customized dashboard to add Master Data and Sales Channel Information. 3. Publish Data Objects through Pimcore Integrating the Pimcore platform enabled our SSI team to easily enrich and publish 10000+ products on the marketplace website with accurate product information and attributes.


Increased customer satisfaction with streamlined Product Information Management

We utilized the Pimcore platform as a bridge between the legacy systems and the e-commerce platform that, significantly reduced cost and time to market. With the integrated Pimcore platform, the team of SSI Group could rapidly publish numerous products on the eCommerce platform. The Pimcore integration reduced time and effort and enhanced accuracy in product search, enabling the client to maximize product sales.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
75 000
Media Assets
200 000
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