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Case Study: New digital touchpoints for the Salt Mine and Old Saltworks: Optimized Website with Online Ticket Shop

The Berchtesgaden Salt Mine and the Old Saltworks in Bad Reichenhall are popular attractions in Bavaria, where visitors can experience the fascinating world of salt extraction.

The case study highlights the successful redesign of the websites for the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine and the Old Saltworks in Bad Reichenhall. The relaunch focused on a contemporary design and a user-friendly online ticket platform. A high level of automation was introduced to streamline administrative processes and enhance efficiency. Additionally, the optimized websites promote cross-selling initiatives.

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Creating harmony of Information, Emotions, and Conversions

The challenges in this project were multifaceted. Visitors often called on-site because the old website was unclearly structured, information couldn't be found, and users ended up in dead ends. Maintaining content and prices for the editors was also strenuous, and administrative efforts had to be reduced. Additionally, a flexible and tenant-capable design system was needed, usable by both the Salt Mine and the Old Saltworks. The challenge was to create a user-friendly website that perfectly balances emotion, information and conversion.

Revolutionizing Experience: Pimcore's Multitenant Solution and Cutting-Edge Features for Seamless Redesign

The implementation of the project was based on a Pimcore multi-tenant solution, proving to be an ideal foundation. With a centralized backend, editors can now manage all aspects. The website structure was completely overhauled, content rewritten, and the entire system rebuilt. An interface to Amepheas was integrated for the ticket shop, establishing a direct connection to on-site cash systems. In addition, innovative features were implemented, including a central FAQ section, a 3D tunnel map, and a sophisticated online ticketing system. Given the predominant use of mobile devices by visitors, a Mobile-First approach was chosen to ensure optimal mobile alignment. This approach ensures that user-friendliness and the visual experience for mobile devices are maximized. The project stands out through the integration of state-of-the-art technologies, providing a comprehensive solution that improves efficiency for editors and offers visitors a seamless and engaging experience.

Seamless Ticket Booking: Efficient User Experience and Innovative Features

Thanks to seamless integration, ticket purchases and reservations undergo a smooth, highly automated process. The booking process, particularly the check-out, has been optimized and streamlined for an efficient user experience. Comprehensive e-commerce tracking provides insights into the success of the website and ticket shop. Additionally, the Pimcore Back-Office system offers editors extensive insights. The website actively guides users with the clear goal of purchasing a ticket, harmonizing emotion and information. The optimized structure and presentation of content have reduced customer inquiries. A specialized login area for B2B users offers tailored features for travel organizers and hosts, completing the offering for all target audiences.

Key Results

Time saved in data maintenance
Increased Website Traffic
Increased conversion rate

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