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Case Study: Interior Store Expands Digital Commerce with PIM Platform

Zelfbouwmarkt opened its doors in 1980 and soon grew into a specialist store with personal advice for building, remodeling, and interior & decoration products.

Zelfbouwmarkt opened its doors in 1980 and soon grew into a specialist store with personal advice for building, remodeling, and interior & decoration products. The store is known for its extensive and high-quality products for fair prices, but also for the professional advice of skilled employees.

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E-commerce: ready, set, go!

Since 1980, Zelfbouwmarkt has been a go-to specialist store for building, remodeling, and interior & decoration products. Known for quality and expert advice, it houses seven specialty shops in Ninove. Zelfbouwmarkt initiated their e-commerce plans after a shout out from Wouter Torfs to keep e-commerce business of Belgian stores in Belgian hands. Stijn Desmet (Commercial Director at Zelfbouwmarkt): "We know the online and offline market is changing and evolving continuously, and we felt the need to contribute to that change. These days, offering the best service is only possible when products and interior advice is also offered online.” Besides their goal to keep offering the best service in every possible way, they realized they had to approach a broader audience. Stijn: "With our physical store in Belgium we mainly focus on real interior lovers in Belgium, but with an online store we can expand this and target the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France.
"Thanks to the highly skilled graphic and technical team at Studio Emma and the use of Pimcore, we are proud of our beautiful webshop. The result is a unique, robust and performant webshop with an attractive design"
Stijn Desmet, Commercial Director, Zelfbouwmarkt

Multiple objectives in 1 system and more than an online catalog

Zelfbouwmarkt enlisted Studio Emma for a transformative e-commerce journey, adopting Pimcore for its structured catalog and expanding into a dynamic webshop. The integration of Pimcore and Zelfbouwmarkt's ERP system enabled efficient two-way communication, streamlining order processing. Key features include a smart delivery options system provided by Pimcore, offering flexible delivery paths to ensure a clear and user-friendly checkout experience. Additionally, Studio Emma implemented a Pimcore-based matrix for customized shipping costs based on transport type and distance. Zelfbouwmarkt's checkout process is designed for transparency, providing upfront information on delivery options and costs, thereby enhancing the overall online shopping experience. Studio Emma's innovative solutions align with Zelfbouwmarkt's customer-centric approach, facilitating direct product delivery to customers.

Case Study: Lien Lemberechts, Project Manager, studio emma
"Pimcore can display content in a structured and nice way, which is ideal when the customer wants a well-organized online catalog."
Lien Lemberechts, Project Manager, studio emma

Global Expansion with a Unique and Robust Pimcore Webshop

For Zelfbouwmarkt, Studio Emma was the right partner with matching expertise and professional assistance in both technical and graphic aspects. Stijn: "Few webshop builders have such experience in retail, which makes Studio Emma a strong technical e-commerce partner for us where price and quality are in balance with each other." The result is a unique, robust and performant webshop with an attractive design. The webshop is also scalable to multiple languages and multiple countries. One of the main goals of Zelfbouwmarkt to approach international markets was realized with this Pimcore webshop. Studio Emma and Zelfbouwmarkt's ongoing partnership thrives in 2019. Future plans include boosting associated sales, optimizing the client account platform, and enhancing the efficiency of the online discount policy.

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