Seamless Customer Experience

Personalized customer experience has the utmost significance in the age of customers. To engage end-users in the right moment, brand managers and marketers continually need reliable and up-to-date rich media content. The seamless access and consistency provided by Pimcore's DAM software elevates the buying experience as real-time content is shared with customers, helping them decide what’s right for them.

How Does Pimcore DAM Software Help?


Pimcore digital asset management software makes all your digital media assets available, all the time – on a global scale. It’s the central storage, where all media assets are cataloged, translated, provided with meta-data, finally tagged, and made searchable, right away. After these processes, digital assets are ready for distribution across channels based on specific workflows and user rights.


Real-Time Personalization

Real-time personalization at scale demands high availability and accessibility of new and personalized assets that could be instantly transformed on-demand in the desired format. Pimcore DAM provides a central location to efficiently manage, share, and collaborate on any type of digital asset and its meta-data so that you can immediately respond to customers’ interests.

Case Study: Outstanding digital experience for more than 30 hotels

Intelligent Automation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have dramatically enhanced the capabilities and utility of digital asset management. Pimcore DAM comes with VR/360° previews, automatic facial recognition, focal points in images, and multiple-channel ready media assets, thus enabling you to improve operational efficiency and speed-up the distribution or publishing process.

Case Study: Supplier of Home & Garden Products Automates Catalog Creation

Omni-Channel Ready

Creating omni-channel ready assets with minimum efforts is vital for brand consistency. Pimcore's digital asset management solution comes with omni-channel compatibility that lets you deliver digital media content on multiple output channels in multiple feeds/formats while meeting the requisite quality standards to facilitate the overall customer journey from discovery to engagement to buying.

Case Study: Multi-channel online shop for household appliances

The Power of Open Source DAM

  • Flexibility: Provide ample flexibility to customize, integrate or extend DAM capabilities the way your business demands. Compatible with all popular file formats and flexible meta data.

  • Speed and Agility: Its “connect anything” architecture and holistic API driven approach enable unlimited connectivity with other systems to immediately roll out new campaigns to meet ever-changing customer expectations.

  • Faster Adoption Curve: No need to spend heavily on trainings. Very user-friendly interface. Integrates easily and quickly in your existing ecosystem and lets you unleash your full creative potential without any hassle.

  • Better Security: Open source DAM software provides high-quality source code, greater stability, and performance, for a high-level security of digital assets.
  • No License Cost: Free license available without any recurring subscription payments. Get unlimited rights to use the software and an unlimited number of user accounts with Pimcore’s Open Source Community Edition.

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