Make use of a robust central repository for digital assets and metadata to organize and store your files in a structured way. Pimcore's digital asset management platform offers a vast array of features. These include VR/360 images, automatic AI/ML face and hotspot recognition, image editing, versioning, tagging, scheduling, and more. Compatible with any amount of data and any file format, Pimcore is an enterprise-ready DAM software for managing your digital media assets. 

Asset Organization & Management 

Pimcore provides a very user-friendly experience for digital asset management. Its state-of-the-art user interface – powered by core concepts such as multi-tabbing and contextual navigation – makes managing and enriching assets incredibly fast and easy. Use folders and directory structures for organization and the grid interface for easy and quick access. 

Getting assets into DAM 

Uploading files and folders is one of the essential features of a DAM software. Drag and drop your assets straight into Pimcore, and it will automatically create thumbnails and previews as well as extract your metadata. WebDAV functionalities let you attach Pimcore assets to the desktop. Connect Adobe's Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office to natively collaborate on files in your existing software apps. Pimcore also connects to 3rd party systems via APIs for the purpose of automated population. 

Asset Search & Filtering 

Finding media assets within Pimcore is intuitive and easy. Use the simple search options, work within the assets’ tree structures, or utilize a grid view to filter by tags, metadata, and other properties. The optional Asset Experience Portal is a configurable content hub for advanced searching, filtering, collecting, and sharing of media assets. Both internal (marketing/sales/product management) and external (agencies/customers) target groups benefit from using it. 

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Advanced Rights Management 

Advanced user rights management and permission roles are critical for digital asset management initiatives. Pimcore's granular permission control dashboard allows you to set required user rights scenarios from most permissive to field-level restrictive. Of course, Single-Sign-On (SSO) and connectivity to third-party authentication services such as Active Directory are possible as well. 

Publishing & Versioning 

Use the decadent publishing and versioning features of the Pimcore Platform to stay on top of managing your enterprise’s digital assets. Flexible publishing options paired with workflows and access management give you precise control of all asset metadata. Audit your data with the Pimcore versioning feature to understand and track all changes made to media assets. 

Pimcore Perspectives 

Pimcore is not just a regular one-size-fits-all DAM software. The Pimcore data management user interface is highly configurable and can be adapted to meet each key user groups' particular needs. Different interfaces – or in Pimcore jargon, perspectives – for domain-specific asset management or business user tasks improve the asset management experience and boost the efficiency of your editorial workflows. 

Adding PIM/MDM Intelligence 

In many use cases, digital assets get their metadata and other enriched attributes from related product information and other master data. Use the included PIM and MDM functionalities to make your digital asset metadata even smarter. 

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