Generate optimized images for your webshops – cropped, resized, and optimized for page speed. Create download presets for the most-wanted versions for digital, print, and social. No matter the size or volume, Pimcore's Open Source DAM solution will get the job done. 

Multi-Channel Publishing 

Deliver media assets to any output channel in the right format, bitrate, resolution, and quality. Use the flexible image and video transformation pipelines to convert and transform your files. And natively deliver media assets via content distribution networks (CDN) or the GraphQL powered Pimcore Data Hub API. Pimcore’s multi-channel publishing features have got you covered. 

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Image & Video Conversion 

Convert and transform images based on configurable rules and presets. Orchestrate various effects and add advanced flexible options such as overlays and watermarks. The image manipulation feature is compatible with 120+ file formats and includes all standard bitmap and vector image formats. It can even convert office documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF to high-resolution bitmap images, and it also transcodes videos bitrates and resolutions. 


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Digital & Responsive 

Media assets must be omnichannel optimized if you are planning to use them digitally. The files need to adapt themselves to all mobile devices and their different screen sizes, resolutions, and responsive states. Pimcore's transformation pipeline automatically adjusts and renders images for every device and screen resolution. It delivers the best-quality media assets for a device's supported format and ensures a fast page load time. 

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Print & CMYK 

Pimcore's DAM provides bitmap and vector images to offline & print channels in the right quality and format. Transformations and optimizations fully respect color profiles, alpha channels, and CMYK/RGB topics. The image transformation pipeline is also compatible with traditional image formats such as TIFF and EPS.  

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