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Pimcore is the most flexible and scalable unified platform for digital experience management, supported by powerful built-in data management. Whatever comes next, Pimcore helps you scale your digital business. Adobe Experience Cloud, Sitecore, Salesforce, and HubSpot also offer content management systems for flexible, scalable enterprise digital experience management. What makes Pimcore different?

Comparison Table

The Market
Accessible technology stack
The technology stack of many enterprise content management systems is antiquated. On top of that, they charge inflated license fees and high update and maintenance costs for outdated, rigid, and inflexible technology.
Our technology stack is based on the latest open source standards and is fully accessible. Symfony PHP framework provides many reusable components and enables companies to stay ahead of the competition by pushing their experience with no limit.
Flexibility for customization
'Standard software' only covers certain standards - as the name suggests. Besides, functional extensions are often manufacturer-dependent, which makes independent development impossible.
You can extend the platform to meet your specific needs without purchasing additional niche solutions, through a DXP/CMS framework that can enable any customization, and flexible feature enhancements.
Ease of integration
Limited interfaces make it necessary to adjust your processes to the software. Small scale vendors often cannot meet the requirements of enterprises for integration of software into their existing infrastructures.
Integration is easy because our software adapts to your processes - not the other way round - to ensure your digital experience remains seamless; whether in the cloud, on premises or by APIs with headless content-as-a-service.
Seamless customer experience
Lack of ability to support a consistent, personalized digital customer experience across your websites, online shops, portals, blogs, apps and future touchpoints.
Pimcore delivers a consistent customer experience across the entire customer journey with multi-site, real-time behavioral targeting, personalization, analytics, and marketing automation.
Time to market and total cost of ownership
Many CMS systems are only suitable for the administration of websites, which means building and maintaining the necessary integrations between your PIM/MDM, DAM, CDP, commerce platforms and other marketing software, become costly, complex and time-consuming.
Pimcore is more than just a CMS. Its digital experience platform (DXP) includes digital commerce, CDP, PIM/MDM and DAM modules. Solutions can be deployed in less than six months, which results in a faster time-to market, while lowering your total cost of ownership by using a single digital experience platform.

Pricing Table

Major Differentiation

Digital experience platform used by 100k companies. Agility, cost, and open-source technology are its USPs.

Web content management system with implicit personalization and analytics feature.

Closed-source CMS with hefty licensing fees and some of the strongest marketing automation tools on the market.

Customer relationship management (CRM) platform, which offers a built-in CMS.

CRM platform, which also offers a built-in CMS.

Built-In DAM
not supported
not supported
Built-In CDP and Digital Commerce

Commerce Supported by Magento.

not supported
Built-In PIM/MDM
not supported
not supported
not supported
not supported

 Build your enterprise technology stack in an agile manner, where every new piece is the best possible solution given current requirements.

The vendor lock-in associated with Adobe Experience Cloud does not bode well for scalability, because you need to buy all the other products to create an efficient digital platform.

Its content personalization and marketing automation tools make it the go-to choice for organizations that are prepared to fine-tune every facet of their customer experience.

Only offers a CMS but lacks a full-featured DXP suite, powering the delivery of personalized experiences that scale across channels, geographies, and languages.

not supported
Enterprise Readiness

Can power entire corporate websites with thousands of pages and hundreds of languages.

Customers have other CMS systems in place, and recreate content in Salesforce.

CMS Hub is mainly used for smaller microsites to help marketing teams move quickly.

Development Speed

Offers outstanding developer experience and boosts productivity with the Symfony PHP Framework.

Can be customized, but requires considerable time to execute the process.

Can be customized, but requires considerable time to execute the process.

Cloud-only platform, with limited customization options.

Cloud-only platform, with limited customization options.


Choose between a free and Open Source Community Edition and an affordable Enterprise Edition.

Expect a license cost of at least USD/EUR 100k per year plus 500k+ implementation cost.

Expect a license cost of at least USD/EUR 100k per year plus 500k+ implementation cost.

Starting from USD/EUR 120k per year.

Starting from USD/EUR 10k per year for the enterprise.

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