Pimcore’s DXP/CMS combines best-of-breed traditional page building with amazing headless and API-centered content delivery. It truly gives you the best of both worlds. The platform acts as the content-centric heart of a modern marketing tech stack. It unifies data in a single hub, makes content accessible to users, and seamlessly integrates with your existing ecosystem. Experience the smarter way to manage your content – with Pimcore!

Content platform

Pimcore acts as a flexible central hub that allows you to create, edit and manage your content. It also provides you with the right tools to then publish it on any digital channel. Would you like to scale up for even the most demanding audiences? No problem at all, since Pimcore is fully extensible. Unlike to the standard decoupled content management approach, the content and its publication on specific channels are kept separate. This means, you can reuse your content on every digital channel you choose.

Agile workflows

Create an agile workflow that lets you write your content once and publish it wherever you need it. Structured content will make your workflows smoother: It allows marketers, editors, and creators to update several channels at once. Changes can be automated. And developers will enjoy the easy building experience. An intuitive user experience ensures that also your non-tech team members will quickly fall in love with the system.

The industry’s most flexible content data models

Configuring the data models of content types becomes a truly enjoyable experience in Pimcore’ s headless content management system. Our award-winning data modeling engine comes with more than 45 components – from simple textual content and rich text to complex relations, media assets and location-specific data. It is compatible with even the most sophisticated data models, suitable for any industry or vertical. Pimcore features the industry’s most advanced and flexible data modeling capabilities.

API-based content delivery

Delivering the right content across all customer touchpoints is fundamental to Pimcore’s headless single-source and multi-channel publishing paradigm. The flexible Pimcore Datahub is the key component promoting an agile marketing approach for the digital-first era. The Datahub is a visual API builder for creating GraphQL and REST based API endpoints which distribute content to 3rd party applications and channels.

Unlimited content types, users, workflows & API calls

Pimcore is an Enterprise Open Source Software, and all headless content management functionalities are included in its free Community Edition. For you, this means unlimited everything – out of the box. Host it yourself or use it in your favorite cloud environment. The Jamstack-compatible platform offers the latest decoupled and API-driven content management functionalities to upgrade and future-proof your technology stack.