Print Publishing (Web-to-Print)

Pimcore’s digital experience platform seamlessly connects your content with the data of the MDM, PIM and DAM modules. All with the goal of accelerating traditional publishing processes by automating recurring printing jobs in the most efficient way. Create your print publications faster, more effectively and at lower cost. Build a global enterprise publishing platform with Pimcore.

Compatible To Your Workflow

Pimcore’s open-source DXP supports web to print by including powerful database publishing functionalities. Its web to print solution revolutionizes traditional print processes for creating B2B and B2C product catalogs, price sheets and personalized marketing and sales collateral. Choose between the native Pimcore solution including the open-source wkhtmltopdf or advanced PDFreactor PDF renderer. Automate database publishing processes by using our drag & drop layout builder. Or integrate Pimcore content into an Adobe InDesign based workflow by using the tools Priint or Easy Catalog.

Native Pimcore Solution

Pimcore offers an integrated database publishing module that enables the semi-automated and automated creation of print material. This makes the creation of full-featured product catalogs and price lists possible without using any desktop publishing software such as InDesign. Print-ready, high-quality PDFs can be assembled in a user-friendly interface. Either fully automated or based on flexible layout components. Using all content stored in Pimcore, including up-to-date product or other master data, and high-quality images.

Drag and drop products directly from the PIM to achieve a faster time-to-market for automated database publishing and Web-to-Print.

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Adobe InDesign Integration

Pimcore is a central data hub, which can supply enriched, highly structured master data including all corresponding multimedia assets to output channels such as desktop publishing products like Adobe® Indesign® and Quark® Xpress®. By stringently following a single-source-publishing approach it provides extended support for Cross-Media-Publishing and Web-to-Print initiatives.

Is your marketing department still creating catalogs via copy & paste? By using Pimcore PIM you can use APIs to connect to your data to an InDesign workflow. Just use Pimcore in combination with one of many available InDesign plugins.

Case studies of Web2Print portals & publishing solutions



La Redoute

La Redoute Automates Catalogs With Pimcore & Active Web-To-Print

La Redoute is the market leader in Fashion and Internet Decoration and is present in 25 different countries and generates more than 80% of its turnover through e-commerce with 10 million customers, 90% of whom are women.
PIM, Retail

Web-To-Print Automates Creation of Full Featured Product Catalog

Pollmann is a manufacturer of high-quality metal fittings made out of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. An essential sales tool is the full-featured product catalog which is automatically created with Web-To-Print.
DXP/CMS, PIM, Manufacturing

Single source database for petware wholesaler

Vadigran is a petware wholesaler in several European countries (6 languages). It carries a large assortment (5.000 articles) of pet-related accessories and food. Vadigran sells B2B to integrated chains and retail stores. Paper and Ipad catalogs are an essential part of the Vadigran sales kit.
DXP/CMS, PIM, Wholesale Distribution

Web-To-Print Solution for Pharmaceutical Distributor in Germany

PHOENIX Pharmahandel GmbH & Co KG from Mannheim, Germany is the leading pharmaceutical distributor in Germany and one of the leading pharmaceutical distributors in Europe.
DXP/CMS, DAM, Healthcare, Wholesale Distribution


Brand Consistency
The central, media-neutral data management ensures uniform customer experience across all channels.
Up-to-date publications
Even short-term data changes are no problem as documents are automatically updated at any time.
Time savings
The automation significantly shortens production times and creates space for additional publications.
Error reduction
An integrity check of documents ensures that the document content matches the source data.
Boosted internal productivity
There is no need for laborious manual collation, reconciliation and data entry.
Cost savings
The significantly lower personnel and time required - also for corrections - ensures significant cost savings.

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