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Pimcore Open Source Edition

The installer package contains the install profiles for an empty installation (for starting a project from scratch) and a very basic demo installation which can be used to bootstrap your first project. You can select them during the install process.

Complete Pimcore Platform
Latest open-source version 5.1.1 (Jan 17, 2018)
Free quick start guide
Demo data for getting started

What are you most interested in?

The Pimcore Data Manager and/or the Pimcore Experience Manager. Please select one or both of the products.


  • Product Information Management (PIM/MDM)
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)


  • User Experience Management (CMS/UX)
  • eCommerce Platform & Online Shop

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Pimcore Cloud Images

Use Pimcore in your favorite environment. Either via Docker or in the cloud. Just use our readily prepared images.

Pimcore for Developers

Pimcore is 100% open-source and dual-licensed under GPLv3 or PEL. All development is done transparently on Github.  You can easily engage, contribute and fork Pimcore.

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