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In retail, everything happens in real-time. Retailers that offer instant and personalized shopping experience can successfully attract, retain, and delight customers. Data is the hook between retailers and customers. Having a comprehensive understanding of customers and their shopping journey depends on how the information is managed and leveraged.

A data management platform helps structure and consolidate data from different sources (both internal and external). It streamlines the customer experience at a personalized level. It enables retailers to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message.

Digital Transformation with Pimcore PIM Solutions

Data Management
Say good-bye to scattered and messy data. Consolidate any type of digital data (single or multidomain), organize it, and consistently syndicate/deliver it in real-time across any channel and device.
Experience Management
Create an engaging customer experience with personalization and behavioral targeting. Digitalize marketing and simplify operations to accelerate go-to-buyers strategy.
Optimize operations through a single platform to speed up time-to-market. Scale your multi-brand and multi-channel global operations quickly and easily.

Omnichannel Retailing with Pimcore PIM Solutions

Seamless Shopping Experience
Deliver frictionless omni-channel shopping experiences across web, mobile, social, and in-store to enhance brand visibility and business growth.
Multi-channel Delivery
Effortlessly converge both the physical and the digital world. Deliver eCommerce personalization to any output channel and integrate stores for click and collect.
Increase Revenue
Deliver personalized products at the right time on the right channel to Open Source PIM boost brand loyalty and revenue.

Unified Commerce with Pimcore PIM Solutions

Single-Source and Multi-Channel Publishing
Manage product information, assets, and content in one place and reuse it to optimize engagement across web, mobile, social, e-mail, print, digital signage, etc.
Content Commerce
Manage content and marketing campaigns in real time, all within one single, intuitive interface to create amazing personalized buying experiences.
Automate master data management process to reduce manual work and errors. Increase DAM agility with VR / 360 ° support, automatic face recognition, and more.

Benefits of PIM to Retailers



Delight Customers With

  • Trusted and Consistent Product Information
  • Personalized Offers
  • Pricing and Promotions

Boost Revenue With

  • Customer Experience Management

  • Marketing Automation
  • Omnichannel Retailing

Lower TCO With

  • Reduced Cost and Complexity of Managing Multiple Applications
  • No License Fee
  • Ownership of IP

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Retail Success Stories




Belonging to the Otto Group, Küche&Co is the largest franchise system for fitted kitchen retailers in Austria and Germany. The multi-channel strategy integrates highly qualified personal advice in the studios with the eCommerce platform.
DXP/CMS, PIM/MDM, Digital Commerce, DAM, Retail

Home Furnishing Retailer Improves CX With App and CaaS

Ikea is a Scandinavian retail chain that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture appliances and home accessories. They have 389 stores around the world.
DXP/CMS, Retail

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