Pimcore Inspire Conference 2024 

Alpine Exhibition in Zell am See.

The Alpine Expedition in the center of Europe.

In the alpine heart of Europe, our "Pimcore Inspire 2024: Alpine Expedition" at Pimcore takes place in the enchanting Zell am See, Austria - a location where the spirit of innovation and the grandeur of nature unite. This isn't just a venue; it's a haven where every view inspires, and every moment is a breath of innovation. What's Davos for the World Economic Forum, that's Zell am See for Pimcore.

Zell am See, cradled by glaciers, mountains, and the crystal-clear Lake Zell, offers a mesmerizing backdrop. Here, at the foot of the Schmittenhöhe and on the lake's edge, the town emerges like a dream, inviting you to immerse in its charm and beauty. Accessible from major cities yet worlds apart, Zell am See is a journey into the heart of awe and wonder, perfectly setting the stage for a conference that's as extraordinary as its surroundings. Please find detailed information about Zell am See on the offical destination website.

Ferry Porsche Congress Center

The Ferry Porsche Congress Center in Zell am See is the perfect "base camp" for our Alpine Expedition. In the heart of the Salzburg region, this center embodies the Alpine spirit, offering a launchpad to our adventure atop the Alps. Here, where innovation meets the awe of nature, we prepare to ascend new heights in knowledge and collaboration, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the mountains. This congress center is the beginning of an inspiring journey.

On the Top: The Celebration!

Pimcore Inspire 2024 transcends a mere conference, culminating in an exhilarating ascent to the Schmittenhöhe's peak via a private night cable car. There, at over 2,000 meters altitude, awaits a dinner and celebration set against a magical alpine backdrop. This unforgettable evening, blending awe-inspiring views with vibrant festivities, stands as a highlight of the event, capturing the essence of Pimcore Inspire in a spectacle of wonder and jubilation high above the world.

How to best get to Zell am See?

Zell am See, annually attracting over 650,000 visitors, stands as a top alpine destination in Europe. Its central location in Austria, easily accessible by plane from Munich, Salzburg, or Innsbruck, and by train or car, contributes to its popularity. This accessibility, combined with its natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere, makes Zell am See a preferred choice for travelers seeking an authentic Alpine experience.

For detailed travel information to Zell am See, you can visit the official website of the Zell am See-Kaprun region. The site provides comprehensive guidance on arriving by train, car, or plane. It includes details on train services from various cities, road travel routes, and information about plane travel from nearby airports. Additionally, the website offers insights into hotel bookings and more reasons why Zell am See is a magical place in the Alps. To explore all this information, please visit Zell am See-Kaprun arrival information.