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Why Optimize and Personalize Product Data Feed

Customers are becoming channel-agnostic and expect a frictionless experience across every touchpoint and interaction moment. You cannot make any mistake while distributing product content across different touchpoints. Plus, you must send optimized product content to all your retail and distributor partners according to their specifications. That’s where a robust product data syndication solution can be highly beneficial to simplify product data feed distribution, reduce inefficiencies, speed up new product introduction, and enhance the omnichannel experience.


See How Pimcore PIM Helps In Vendor Portal

Pimcore provides a flexible product data syndication (PDS) solution for delivering an engaging product experience. Pimcore’s product content syndication capability helps you craft and share amazing product stories for an unforgettable brand experience. It enables you to prepare and syndicate high-quality product data using built-in channel-specific functionalities, integrated APIs, and more.

  • Consolidate Any Product Data - Ingest and centralize any data of any size, including files, apps, and databases.

  • Transform in Bulk - Eliminate errors, prepare quality data, transfer in any kind and format, and make it channel-ready in bulk.

  • Enrich for Better Efficiency -  Add specific labels and attributes to enrich your product data for greater efficiency and transparency.

  • Publish Seamlessly - Connect incoming data to the appropriate channel-specific attribute (from data pools and PIM systems) to distribute data across any channel and device.

  • Contextualize and Personalize - Optimize every minute detail for the excellent product data feed to provide the most relevant, engaging, and personal experience.

By leveraging PDS in a PIM platform, enterprises can handle many scenarios like right data delivery, supply chain management, marketing, real-time pricing (or repricing), maintaining product availability, customer support, and other activities. Pimcore`s enterprise-ready PIM Software has been recognized in multiple analyst reports such as Gartner, Forrester, and IDC. It is incredibly fast, easy-to-use, and hyper-flexible and comes with no license fee.


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Marketplace Integration

With Pimcore PIM’s real-time integration approach, you can easily manage your multichannel product listings from one location. It seamlessly syndicates product content to Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping, Facebook, and many more marketplaces.

Pimcore provides direct API connections to niche, local, and global marketplaces so that you can reach more and more prospects. Either use the native PHP API or the full-featured REST Webservice API for two-way real-time communication with other systems.


Escape Data Silos
Quickly consolidate any product data of any amount in a central place to create a single point of truth.
Decrease Time-to-Market
Deliver product feed to any output channel through the “connect anything” software architecture.
Omni-channel Enablement
Reach the right audience at the right time with the right message to tell consistent product stories.

Here’s Why Enterprises Trust Pimcore PIM

  • Enables to easily manage millions of SKUs with thousands of attributes for vendor management
  • Offers product experience management (PXM) for compelling commerce
  • Provides 360-degree view of a product for both operational and analytical excellence.
  • Facilitates to implement confidently in multidomain, multivector, and infrastructure of choice.
  • Gives faster time-to-market by seamlessly importing/exporting and publishing central product data to every channel
  • Automates the process to eliminate manual work, optimize productivity, and improve the product experience.
  • Offers free Community Edition with unlimited languages, channels, and users

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