PIM and SAP Integration

To meet the challenges arising from the digitalization of product data, companies should progressively implement an integrated strategy that supports digital commerce and facilitates channel proliferation and customer experience diversification. The integration of SAP and PIM can help you make the most of your product content. Seamless integration provides high-quality, up-to-date product data that is available at all times – this applies both for marketing and sales as well as customer service.


What You’ll Learn From This Insight:

I. About SAP and PIM

II. Benefits of SAP and PIM Integration

III. How We Make Pimcore PIM and SAP Integration Easy

IV. Why Choose Pimcore PIM?

V. SAP and PIM Success Story

About SAP and PIM

SAP Capability 

SAP’s technology platform helps organizations in their intelligent enterprise vision. It provides the foundation for new developments, for tighter integration between SAP applications and acts as a key enabler for partners’ and customers’ innovation. SAP S/4HANA intelligent ERP system enables you to connect all departments and functions with a future-proof system for resilience and operational excellence.

PIM Potential

A PIM is an essential tool for your business to manage the frequently changing product information. You can extend products or references for different departments or sales channels involved in product data. A PIM platform empowers you if you want to reach out to new markets or geography. It helps you create a 360-degree view of your products by connecting rich product content and digital assets to product master data to support customer-centric experiences.

Benefits of SAP and PIM Integration

1. Centralized Management: Manage, conceptualize, transform, and publish any product data on any channel from a single source to eliminate redundancy and improve operational efficiency for better synergy.

2. Dynamic Data Modeling: Create a new product data model within minutes. A PIM provides a more fluid way of accessing and reorganizing product data. Its dynamic data models are designed for marketing the data through various sales channels.

3. Optimize Experience: Export and publish central product data to every channel. Seamlessly deliver product data to all sorts of stakeholders, internal teams, suppliers, wholesalers, and customers to optimize product experiences across channels and devices. 

4. Reduce Cost: Save operational costs, resources, and hours of work with synchronized management of all product content and assets in a single source of the repository.

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How We Make Pimcore PIM and SAP Integration Easy

Many organizations recognize the limitations of point-to-point integration for PIM, which is why some are resorting to a new API-driven connectivity. These APIs are developed to play a specific role – unlocking data from systems, composing data into processes, or delivering an experience.

Pimcore enables enterprises to use API-led connectivity to achieve PIM integration with SAP ERP or S/4HANA solution. Thus, enterprises can seamlessly connect PIM systems with any application within their system – from inventory to order history systems – to achieve a single view of their products and services.

  • Expert SAP consultants to ensure successful project delivery.
  • Flexible delivery model as per your business requirements.
  • Growing ecosystem of experienced partners for excellence in delivery.
  • Reusable accelerators for faster implementation.
  • Lower cost of ownership and expert tech support.

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Why Choose Pimcore PIM?

Technological Maturity: API management and Pimcore platform integration are 100% adaptable to enterprise needs with minimum deployment risks. Pimcore PIM is mature and deeply battle-tested in a wide variety of use cases across multiple industries and geographies.

Better Consistency: You get the full technical consistency and seamless integration between the building blocks of your applications and systems and Pimcore. You can achieve the desired degree of consistency in practice, regardless of whether you buy the components from one or more providers.

No Vendor lock-in: Pimcore platform offers established integration maturity and ensures lasting product viability. You don't have to face any vendor lock- in. You have full ownership of your Intellectual Property (IP). Thus, Pimcore PIM is a perfect alternative to commercial enterprise PIM software.

Explore Pimcore PIM Features

SAP and PIM Success Story

A broad spectrum of printing services and software solutions provider enriches data of 3 ERP Systems in 1 Central PIM

Using Pimcore, the client was able to structure their product information flow in a structured manner. By adding a PIM system within the flow, more information can be added to the products than to the single ERP and e-Commerce system. Pimcore allows extra imagery, videos, specification sheets, and safety sheets to be added to the products. The client can now maintain the entire product flow from the ERP system to the e-commerce system.

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