Data and experience management rethought.

Pimcore Platform™

One platform for any digital data and customer experience

The Pimcore Platform™ is the only enterprise open-source software for managing any digital data and customer experiences for any channel and device. Acclaimed by analysts from Gartner and Forrester, the Pimcore Platform™ is the digital powerhouse for more than 82 000 companies in 56 countries.

Awesome data management capabilities

The data management components aggregate, manage, and distribute any type and amount of data and digital assets for multi-channel publishing and digital commerce initiatives. Enterprises can solve their data challenges such as scattered data, data quality management, and data syndication to improve the reliability of data and ensure faster time-to-market.

Personalized digital experience management

Deliver content to any output channel and device. Create sophisticated, marketing-driven, personalized websites, portals, intranets, and extranets. The powerful platform, based on fully API-driven, headless content and commerce capabilities, manages customer-centric experiences during the whole customer journey for all digital channels, as well as for digital signage, point-of-sale, and print.

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    Products of the Pimcore Platform™

    Product Information Management (PIM)
    Tell a consistent product story accross all channels. Manage, aggregate and distribute product data.
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    Master Data Management (MDM)
    Drive 360° engagement by providing the right data on the right channel. Aggregate and maintain single, harmonized, up-to-date versions of any corporate master data.
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    Digital Asset Management (DAM)
    Empower brand and marketing content. Manage, consolidate, share and transform digital media assets.
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    Customer Data Platform (CDP)
    Keep a central view of your customer activities for personalized marketing. Manage, consolidate and segment customer profile data.
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    Digital Experience Platform (DXP/CMS)
    Deliver content to all your audiences on digital, social, print, and signage. Manage personalized, headless digital experiences on any channel.
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    Digital Commerce Platform
    Amaze your commerce audience and deliver commerce on any channel. Modular micro-services commerce framework for API-led major enterprise commerce initiatives.
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    Flexible Licensing with Open Source Enterprise Subscription

    The Pimcore Platform™ is the leading software platform that combines data and experience management out-of-the-box. The platform is hyper-flexible and exactly adapts to your individual needs – also in terms of licensing and operational costs. Pimcore is available as an Enterprise Subscription or as a free open source Community Edition. In terms of components and features, both licensing variants – enterprise and open source – are 100% identical.

    Customers of the Pimcore Subscription work with a certified and tested version of Pimcore, use the permissive Pimcore Commercial License (PCL) for legal safety, and qualify for the purchase of the Pimcore Managed Cloud, Service Level Agreements, Long Term Support, and Enterprise Extensions.

    Rapid Innovation
    Pimcore helps businesses start small and build their solution with a minimum viable product (MVP) approach to reduce the risk early and then scale it according to their digitalization needs. The platform ensures strategic cost reduction by using many existing open-source innovations from open AI, ML libraries, etc. Benefit from our community, which allows people to share what they have achieved. Start your next idea fast with lower risk.

    Unmatched Flexibility
    Pimcore’s extensive, stable, and comprehensive APIs— based on open standards— enable flexible integrations with IT systems such as ERPs or marketing applications. Business users benefit from Pimcore's extensive features as they are fully accessible to modify, 100% adaptable to enterprise needs, and able to shorten time-to-market with minimum deployment risks. You do not have to adapt to the software; it adapts to you.

    Enterprise Open Source
    The Pimcore Platform™ is available both open-source free of charge or as an open-source powered enterprise Pimcore Subscription. This makes it a perfect alternative to commercial enterprise data management and experience management solutions. You aren’t limited to buying software from one massive vendor, thus you don't face any vendor-lock in. You have full ownership of your Intellectual Property (IP) and improve ROI at reduced TCO.

    “Pimcore's ecosystem approach helps companies consolidate product and digital assets to achieve user experience goals across commerce, website and mobile experiences.”
    Gartner, Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce
    Christina Klock, Research Director

    82 000+ businesses trust Pimcore. Discover our 250+ favorite success stories.

    Boost Operational Excellence

    Expectations of manufacturers have increased enormously. Digitalization with smarter data management is reshaping the manufacturing industry to consolidate scattered data and improve product experience.

    Discover Manufacturing Solutions

    Omni-Channel Retailing

    Customers want superior services, relevant information and great products on their own terms – regardless of the channel, device and time.

    Discover Retail Solutions

    Drive Digitalization

    Distributors face a multitude of challenges concerning their product data. They have to meet the heightened expectations of both the buyer and the supplier.

    Discover Distribution Solutions

    Improve Travel Experience

    Consistent and excellent product data is key to travel. Finally, it’s about accommodations, flights, packages, tickets and events and how this whole itinerary fits together, also in terms of data.

    Discover Travel Solutions

    Deuter B2C Retail Commerce Portal

    Manufacturer of backpacks and sleeping bags meets digitalisation and improves customer experience by creating a flexible PIM-driven platform and microservices-powered, multi-tenant commerce platform.

    Audi B2B Brand Commerce Portal

    Automotive brand ensures global brand consistency across all dealer locations by centralizing the showroom furnishing and signage. A digital portal connects dealerships directly with suppliers.
    Discover Casestudy

    United Rentals PIM, DAM, CMS, and Commerce

    BlueLine Rental, subsidiary of United Rentals, the world's largest equipment rental company, serves more than 50,000 commercial construction accounts with an industry-leading Pimcore solution.
    Discover Casestudy

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