Revolutionize business process optimization with Pimcore Workflow Automation Integration. Tailored for n8n, streamline operations and achieve goals.

Seamless Integration for Peak Performance

Workflow Automation Integration is evolving business process optimization! This integration seamlessly automates and manages various workflows, ensuring you achieve your business goals. Tailored for n8n, the integration includes configuration templates to facilitate rapid setup and customization for diverse use cases. These templates, derived from existing datahub configurations, provide the foundation for integrating Pimcore with third-party systems, streamlining operations, and enhancing overall business performance.

Experience Data Synchronization with GraphQL-Powered Automation

Harness the power of n8n in managing Datahub GraphQL configurations. This integration ensures smooth data reading from GraphQL endpoints and its export to spreadsheets, blending web-based data queries with spreadsheet functionality. Its bi-directional capability also allows modification and updating of data back to Pimcore, maintaining data accuracy and up-to-date. The feature extends to asset data management, enabling the reading and modification of asset metadata from GraphQL endpoints before updating it in Pimcore. This sleek approach bolsters data consistency, minimizes manual input, and expedites your organization's data management process.

Efficient Webhook Management with n8n Integration

Pimcore Workflow Automation Integration elevates Datahub Webhook configurations to new heights of efficiency with n8n. This cutting-edge feature is designed to listen actively to webhook events, capturing and storing data from webhook events directly into spreadsheets in n8n, automating data organization and accessibility. Its simplicity and adaptability are essential, with templates available for download and customization in the Pimcore backend. Bridging webhooks with spreadsheet management is the solution for businesses aiming to boost data processing, quicken response to data events, and heighten workflow productivity.