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Pimcore's enterprise product information management (PIM) software centralizes and harmonizes all your marketing, sales and technical product information. The Pimcore PIM platform can acquire, manage, and share any type of digital data and is designed for easy integration into existing IT system landscapes.

Features of Pimcore PIM

Data Modeling
Pimcore ensures product data modeling stays as flexible as possible since this enables a PIM and MDM to grow along with your organization.
Data Management
With a web-based user interface and context-sensitive drag & drop operations, Pimcore makes working with product information more efficient.
Data Quality Management
Pimcore delivers high-quality clean and trusted data with enterprise-class data quality and data governance that scales.
Workflow Management
Our product information management platform boosts accuracy and productivity by establishing clearly defined business processes and standardized editorial workflows.
Digital Asset Management
Pimcore seamlessly integrates full-featured digital asset management to manage, integrate and relate images, graphics, documents, audio and video.
Omnichannel Publishing
Pimcore PIM supports rich omnichannel publishing functionalities automatically supply your output channels with the right product information.
Apps and Data Integration
Pimcore PIM enables you to take charge of data integration through easy import and export of data between Pimcore and external systems.
Product Experience Portal
Create a central marketing content hub with configurable portals for sharing and searching product information across departments.
Product Data Syndication
Capture your customers’ attention across markets and touchpoints with automated syndication to more than 2 500 sales channels and marketing platforms.
Marketplace Integration
Our PIM solution helps you to expand your digital footprint by integrating with marketplaces worldwide and track orders on a centralized dashboard.
Product Feed Management
Provide shoppers with a compelling product experience by crafting top-quality feeds – optimized for all channels and tailored to the preferences of your audiences.
Enterprise Translation Management
Our PIM allows you to automate the product information's translation processes and thus eliminates repetitive and laborious manual tasks.
Enterprise Print Publishing
Fully automate your print processes and keep marketing and sales material up-to-date with the integrated Pimcore publishing components.
Bookmark Lists
Bookmark management in Pimcore redefines data management by offering versatility in integration and ensuring streamlined data access cohesive workflows.
Enterprise Webhooks
Redefine the future of efficient Data Management, ensuring real-time data synchronization and integration with other platforms.
Alternative Element Trees
Streamline data organization and enhance quality with Alternative Element Trees. Individualize your data views for efficient management.
Workflow Automation Integration
Accelerate your data management with Workflow Automation Integration, offering customizable templates for swift, effective system integration.
Pimcore Secured
Experience unparalleled security with Pimcore Secured, offering pre-configured robust protections, proactive security patching, comprehensive security insights, fortified data entry mechanisms, and cutting-edge security management for your business's peace of mind.

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Enterprise Benefits of Pimcore PIM System 

End-to-end commerce
Pimcore PIM offers built-in DAM, CMS, flexible customer data management, and digital commerce modules within the Enterprise Edition and Community Edition. Manage product information, build digital experiences, and sell your products and services all in one platform.
API-driven architecture
Our forward-thinking PIM platform supplies all the data and functionalities you need to automate your digital commerce. Pimcore has an API-first architecture where all functionalities are accessible via PHP (only for the Community Edition & Enterprise Edition), REST, and GraphQL APIs.
Open Source platform
Start at no cost with our Community Edition and enhance your solution with additional features as you go. Benefit from an established global community of developers and partners contributing to the development of the application (localization, connectors, etc.) and providing support.

More than 110 000 companies are relying on Pimcore.

Why Pimcore PIM rocks

Best total cost of ownership
Get started quickly and conveniently – without technical expertise – by using our PaaS Edition. Do necessary customizations in-house or work with freely selectable service providers, including 170+ official Pimcore Solution Partners worldwide which use our Enterprise Edition or Community Edition. Avoid vendor-lock-in, secure your intellectual property, and achieve the best TCO.
Flexibility and adaptability
Pimcore’s Enterprise Edition and Community Edition provide maximum technological transparency. Compared to proprietary software, you own the entire software stack and have access to the full source code at any time. Go ahead and have a closer look at the code, change it, or contribute innovations to the core product any time.
Technology for innovation
Our product consists of more than a thousand market-leading Open Source components. Each fulfills a vital role. 90% of organizations are confident that Open Source improves their innovation speed and solves critical business problems faster.

The most flexible PIM software

Pimcore product information management system integrates and consolidates any type and any amount of digital data. It is multi-domain and multi-vector compatible, suitable for organizations of any size and in any industry.

Its API-driven, service-oriented architecture enables fast and seamless connection to third-party software such as ERP, CRM, BI.

As a leading PIM vendor, Pimcore puts your customers first by delivering data from a single source to any output channel. For outstanding product experience across all your touch points – based on consistent, accurate and up-to-date data.

A Guide to Better Product Information Management

This whitepaper discusses how a PIM platform is key to streamline product information, improve experience, and increase sales by balancing the dynamics of omnichannel experience.

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How to Build a Data Quality Roadmap for Your PIM

PIM tools are often implemented without even getting the complete idea of how they will actually help. This whitepaper provides 6 simple steps to help you build a data quality roadmap for your PIM system.

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8 PIM-MDM Challenges You Can’t Ignore!

Read this whitepaper, as it factors in some critical issues during PIM-MDM implementation and how to iron them out to suit the enterprise purpose.

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"We see great potential with Pimcore as it is a user-friendly system that meets the demands we made on flexibility and adaptability to create an efficient organization."
Carl Borg
IT-Director, GANT, Fashion Retail
"Our new Pimcore based online shop enabled us to increase online sales by more than 80% compared to the previous year."
Mathias Boenke
Managing Director, Intersport, Sporting Goods Retail
"Thanks to Pimcore we were able to significantly reduce the error rate by centralized data maintenance."
Julius Kuhn-Régnier
Purchase and Project Manager, Antonio Viani, Food & Beverage


Customers want superior services, relevant information and great products on their own terms – regardless of the channel, device and time.
Expectations of retailers have increased enormously, especially where time to market is concerned.
Distributors face a multitude of challenges concerning their product data. They have to meet the heightened expectations of both the buyer and the supplier.
Efficiently managing product data is critical for brands – especially for brands that sell online or via marketplaces.
Consistent and excellent product data is key to travel. Finally, it’s about accommodations, flights, packages, tickets and events and how this whole itinerary fits together, also in terms of data.

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