Consolidate Siloed and Scattered Data

Siloed and scattered data with poor data quality are often the deathblow for digital transformation strategies. Having a capability to consolidate any digital data of any amount in a central place, you can create a unique master record– the so-called single point of truth. This gives an enhanced data quality, reliability and accessibility of product information at scale. And, this consolidated and streamlined data increases the efficiency of processes throughout the whole company with improved time-to-market and reduced cost of compliance.

How Does Pimcore PIM Software Help?


Pimcore PIM software is your flexible product information and master data management ecosystem, providing all needed applications and services to consolidate, enrich, translate, and manage digital product data and various other assets such as customer data, vendor data, and digital assets.


Trusted Product Information

Pimcore PIM platform empowers your operations, marketing, sales, and customer service department with rich product data by maintaining a trusted source of product information with integrated enterprise-class data quality/governance and embedded business rules.

Case Study: 3 ERP Systems merged & enriched

Rapid New Product Introductions

Our open source PIM platform enables you to maintain consistency in product information in a centralized way, thus you can reuse product information, promptly make changes in the existing one, and quickly introduce newer products across multiple sales channels with seamless product experience.

Case Study: Faster time to market with new digital ecosystem for motorcycle division of Peugeot

Expand Product Value Chain

Pimcore PIM platform ensures real-time synchronization of accurate product information with internal systems, and with customers and suppliers so that end-to-end product value chain can be leveraged throughout demand and supply chain operations.

Case Study: An innovative technology saves time and money with a faster ordering process

The Power of Open Source PIM

  • Flexibility: Full freedom to modify/customize the platform the way your business demands to capture and manage product data for innovation (such as IoT, analytics, smart machine learning deployment or other scenarios)

  • Speed and Agility: Open architecture lets you adapt fast to ever-changing customer expectations such as 360-degree view of customers and omni-channel selling, thus accelerating your business-critical initiatives

  • Faster Adoption Curve: Comparatively reduced training requirements for configuration team to integrate or extend PIM capabilities for newer business demands

  • Cost-effectiveness: No vendor lock-in and lower total cost of ownership

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Integrated management of mass distribution products information

Agorà Network is a large-scale buyer of the top four mass distribution brands (Tigros, Basko, Poli, and Iperal) with over 200 stores in Northern Italy. They are in the retail and trade business and sell a vast variety of food and nonfood products. 
PIM/MDM, DAM, Wholesale Distribution, Food & Beverage
Spar middle volga

SPAR Middle Volga

The Russian division of leading grocery retailer SPAR unified a catalog of 260k products for 3 companies: SPAR (retail), Sweet Life (wholesale food supplies), and Sweet Life Food Service (HoReCa food supplies).
PIM/MDM, Retail

Würth Group Electrical

One of the global leaders in the wholesale distribution of electrical material built a centralized PIM for 9 companies and over 4 million products.
PIM/MDM, Wholesale Distribution

Stanley Black & Decker

The French subsidiary of the #1 tooling company in the world, established in 1961, operates through major brands like Stanley, DeWalt, Black & Decker, and Facom for which it created a single point of truth for product data.
PIM/MDM, DAM, Manufacturing

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