Reduce Time-to-Market of Products

In today’s fast-paced digital world, customers are at the center of everything, and their expectations and market scenarios change in the blink of an eye. Technology and processes have to adapt to this trend in an agile and flexible fashion so that you can stay one-step ahead of competition for positive brand reputation and higher customer satisfaction.

How Does Pimcore PIM Software Reduce Time-to-Market?


Pimcore PIM software and Pimcore eCommerce together provide a stronger set of tools to manage any digital data and deliver this data across any channel and device. All this ultimately leads to significantly reduced time-to-market and enriched user experiences.


Automation to Boost Productivity

Our open source PIM platform enables you to automate the creation of unique product information using master data as a source. This can extend/improve your product assortment and meet the requirements of multi-channel selling while ensuring a consistent customer experience. As a result, you can improve time-to-market of new products on-boarding and reduce the cost over time.

Case study: Luxury vehicle maker automates dealership furnishing with B2B shop

A Single Point of Control

Pimcore PIM platform gives you the edge of a single point of control to optimize performance, perform end-to-end data governance, and streamline life cycle management of product data. This is significantly helpful when the number of product data sources increase with time and complexity of product information becomes harder to manage.

Case study: Single source database for global fertilizer producer

Agile Delivery

100% API-driven architecture of Pimcore enables APIs from different sources to work together quickly and cost-effectively. This makes you to implement new features and extend or scale existing features in a lightning-fast way, thus improving both productivity and project delivery scenarios.

Case study: Faster time to market with new digital ecosystem for motorcycle division of Peugeot

The Power of Open Source PIM

  • Flexibility: Full freedom to modify/customize the platform the way your business demands to capture and manage product data for innovation (such as IoT, analytics, smart machine learning deployment or other scenarios).

  • Speed and Agility: Open architecture lets you adapt fast to ever-changing customer expectations such as 360-degree view of customers and omni-channel selling, thus accelerating your business-critical initiatives.

  • Faster Adoption Curve: Comparatively reduced training requirements for configuration team to integrate or extend PIM capabilities for newer business demands.

  • Cost-effectiveness: No vendor lock-in and lower total cost of ownership.

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Pimcore PIM is the backbone of e-commerce content

Syntace is a premium manufacturer of bike parts and bikes. From August 2018 Syntace will also be selling its products internationally online. The PIM/DAM system from Pimcore is an indispensable part of the system architecture.
DXP/CMS, PIM/MDM, DAM, Manufacturing

Walter Bösch GmbH & Co KG

Founded in 1932 in Lustenau, Walter Bösch’s company has grown into a key player in the HVAC sector in Austria. Today, Bösch employs close to 700 people and sells 16,000+ products. 
PIM/MDM, Digital Commerce, Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution

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