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Pimcore PIM, part of the Pimcore Platform, is the most flexible unified software for master data management of product information. Pimcore PIM gives improved capabilities to centralize and harmonize all your marketing, sales, and technical product information at one place. But we are also leading the way on delivering solutions that support better customer experience. Whatever comes next, Pimcore helps you scale your digital business.

Comparison Table

The Market
Pimcore PIM
Accessible Technology Stack
Proprietary technology stack is not accessible. Closed-source data management software often incurs higher license, update, and maintenance cost, and ties companies to the manufacturer over the long term.
Technology stack fully accessible. Open source software provides modular standard components and enables companies to select an IT service provider of their choice for lower integration and consulting cost.
Flexibility for Customization
Limited interfaces make it necessary to adjust your processes to the software. Functional extensions are often manufacturer-dependent, which makes independent development impossible.
Our software adapts to your processes— not the other way around. Multiple levels of product hierarchies are supported, and product variant specification is unrestricted. Pimcore is tailored precisely to your business needs.
Ease of Integration
Connectors frequently lack capabilities for specific integration requirements. Small-scale vendors often cannot meet the requirements of enterprises.
Capable of integrating any amount and any type of digital data from any endpoint. A supplied DAM enables unrestricted importing and exporting of more than 200 file formats.
Lack of ability to support ever-changing, highly individual requirements of enterprise data management on one platform, fragmenting your processes and systems.
Highly scalable, enterprise-ready, apt for agile global environments, for millions of product data records, managed and syndicated across on-premises and cloud installations.
Total Cost of Ownership
When expanding your platform to new markets, high fees for additional languages or output channels require you to pay for additional features. License cost can become a financial burden in the long term.
Lower your total cost of ownership by using the Free Open Source Community Edition. Choose the optional Enterprise Subscription with a comfortable flat fee and no usage-based pricing.

What analysts say about Pimcore

As one in only five companies, Pimcore has been named in Gartner's prestigious Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce report. This publication is known for recognizing disruptive firms that deliver rapid transformation projects, optimize the use of technology, and solve challenges which have been around for a long time.

Citing examples of trailblazers such as Amazon and Netflix that have relied on open-source technology to excel in customer experience, the report touched upon the infinite possibilities of innovation open-source software presents.

Successful customers and happy clients

Read 80+ real customer reviews at Gartner Peer Insights and explore us at Capterra, Crozdesk and G2.

Pimcore reviews

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Leading PIM worldwide

Ventana Research ranks Pimcore a leader in its 2021 Value Index on Product Information Management (PIM), a quantified, research-based report. It assessed 16 software products, evaluating seven key categories.

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