Expand your digital footprint by integrating with marketplaces around the globe and track orders on a centralized dashboard. Scale beyond country borders, increase global revenue, and connect with more shoppers by establishing a presence on the marketplaces they love. Distribute your Pimcore product information to Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and many more niche, local, and global marketplaces.

Complete cross-channel connectivity 

Seamless and reliable marketplace connections are crucial to solidifying your online product visibility for younger audiences. The Pimcore Marketplace Integration platform provides you with direct API connections to niche, local, and global marketplaces along with built-in marketplace catalog templates, so you can reach new markets and get new products online overnight. 

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Multi-channel order synchronization 

Accurate stock information is a prerequisite for positive product experiences, inspires users to leave great reviews, and keeps them coming back. The Pimcore Order Synchronization solution gives you a complete overview of all your marketplace orders. You never have to worry about out-of-stock product listings again. And the system lets you gain valuable insights on each channel's performance. 

Learn more about Product Data Syndication
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Product Data Syndication

Capture your customers’ attention across markets and channels with automated product information syndication. With Pimcore, you’ll benefit from data integration and standardization that delivers tailored product information to more than 2 500 marketing, shopping, retail, and business channels. 

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“Why CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, and technical professionals choose the automated option”
Given the scale and volume of product content, it is challenging to do it manually. With automated syndication, you can capture customers’ attention across markets and channels. This whitepaper helps you understand various implications of product content syndication in the retail business, including:
  • Overview of Product Content Syndication
  • Why Syndicate your Product Content
  • The Anatomy of Product Content Syndication
  • Automated vs Manual syndication
  • How Product Content Syndication Increases Revenue
  • Why Choose Pimcore & Productsup for Product Content Syndication

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