Pimcore Customer Data Platform (CDP)

A unified

Enterprise-Ready CDP with Zero License Cost

The Pimcore Open Source Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables you to store and manage master data records of your customers. It offers impressive features for customer data management, segmentation, personalization, and marketing automation.

By storing customer activities from different source systems, it provides a clean, consistent, and unified view of individual customers. You can aggregate customer data and user profiles, enrich data, link social profiles, build audience segments, trigger events, personalize the customer experience, execute marketing automation and much more.

Pimcore CDP is flexible and can be easily customized or extended to develop customer management solutions. It provides an easy import/export via Rest API and manages SSO Identities / Social Logins like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Integrated algorithms automatically store and organize the data records in a logical manner, for example based on country and zip code.

The Pimcore platform already allows managing any kind of data - unstructured, digital assets and structured content. Pimcore CDP is seamlessly integrated and provides a new arsenal to win the digital transformation battle.


Data Collection
Ingest, aggregate and store first-party, individual-level customer data from multiple sources (online and offline) in real time with no storage limits.
Profile Unification
Consolidate profiles at the individual level and connect attributes to identities with superior backend usability and batch editing capabilities.
With activities based on first and third-party data streams— such as conversions, on-site user behavior, and CRM data, user profiles automatically get segmented into persona groups for personalized marketing.
Triggers fire marketing automation and personalization to your customer segments. Send birthday wishes, personalize newsletters, trigger marketing automation, or fully customize your websites for individual customer experience.


Know Your Customers Better
Pimcore knows about each of your individual customer's behavior on your website, online shop, other marketing channels, or even connected offline data-sources. Use this data to find duplicate customers, new customers, regular customers, and VIP customers.
Eliminate Data Silos
Through standardization and centralization of data, you can eliminate data silos. With integrated customer-level data analysis, you can generate deeper insights to drive improved operational efficiency and execute smarter marketing campaigns.
Improve Behavioral Targeting
Identify and engage customers with registration and social login. With customer segmentation based on data, activities and other criteria, you can create behavior-based communication (birthday wishes, weather targeting, and geo-location targeting) to boost conversions.
Enhance Customer Loyalty
With a better understanding of your customers, you can reward your customers in many exciting and engaging ways. This can positively impact higher customer satisfaction and overall customer loyalty.

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