Pimcore Customer Data Platform (CDP)

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The Pimcore Open Source Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables you to store and manage master data records of your customers. It offers impressive features for customer data management, segmentation, personalization, and marketing automation.

By storing customer activities from different source systems, it provides a clean, consistent, and unified view of individual customers. You can aggregate customer data and user profiles, enrich data, link social profiles, build audience segments, trigger events, personalize the customer experience, execute marketing automation and much more.

Pimcore CDP is flexible and can be easily customized or extended to develop customer management solutions. It provides an easy import/export via Rest API and manages SSO Identities / Social Logins like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Integrated algorithms automatically store and organize the data records in a logical manner, for example based on country and zip code.

The Pimcore Platform manages any kind of digital data - structured master data, digital assets and unstructured content. Pimcore CDP is seamlessly integrated and provides a new arsenal to win the digital transformation battle.


Customer Data Integration
Ingest, aggregate and store first-party or third-party, individual-level customer data from multiple sources (online and offline) in real time at any scale and speed.
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Profile Unification
Merge various devices to single individual when they’re identified, including de-duplication of customer records and matching 3rd party data, to blend customers in one account.
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Customer Data Modelling
As objects are just like object-oriented programming in Pimcore, managing structured data based on a class definition can be defined via a simple GUI.
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Real-time personalization
Personalization stemming from customer segmentation and real-time implicit and explicit on-site behavioral targeting supports the Pimcore customer data platform.
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Automating any actions connected to customers according to rules can be executed through tools provided by the customer management framework plugin.
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Seamless Customer Experience
A comprehensive view of customers is significant for businesses to understand their needs, so that they can be served with improved customer experience.
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Eliminate Data Silos
Customer data in disparate applications, systems, departments or lying with solo individuals can lead to inefficiencies, discrepancies as well as poor data analysis.
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Enhance Customer Loyalty
Since an enterprise customer data platform results in highly personalized and consistent experiences, it leads to enhanced customer loyalty.
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Better Relations with Partners and Vendors
Insights gathered from customer data is also advantageous for organizations’ vendors, partners, and other parties, resulting in better relations with them.
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Opportunities for Measurement
With CDP, high degree of measurement is one of the key benefits that marketers reap, as they get a 360-degree view of their customers.
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