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What is Pimcore PIM/MDM?

Pimcore PIM/MDM is a core component of the Pimcore Data Manager. It is the leading open-source product information management and master data management application, centralizing and harmonizing all your marketing and technical product information. Pimcore PIM/MDM places data management at the core of digital experience management and can integrate, consolidate, and manage any type and any amount of digital data. It is multi-domain and multi-vector and delivers powerful control over a wide range of data assets - including product, customer, and vendor information, across different organizations and industries.

Pimcore PIM/MDM is far more than just an outstanding and flexible data management application; it is a digital transformation enabler. By delivering data to any output channel, Pimcore puts your customers at the center of everything and delivers outstanding experiences across all touch points – based on high quality, centralized and consolidated data. Pimcore is powered by an agile and flexible architecture. Pimcore's scalable platform can support fluctuating business needs and adjust to support future demands.

Used by more than  80,000 companies in 56 countries, Pimcore is the enterprise-ready open-source alternative for product information management for leading enterprises, digital agencies, and system integrators.

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  • Consolidate data: Escape Silo and Scattered Data
  • Digitalization: Decrease time-to-market
  • Omni-channel enablement

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  • Data Modeling, Data Quality & Semantics
  • Data Management & Workflow Management
  • Data Integration & Delivery

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Pimcore PIM/MDM for Retail
Customers want superior services, relevant information and great products on their own terms – regardless of the channel, device and time. Scattered data, silos and quality issues are a major barrier in that process. Get your data under control successfully with Pimcore product information management.
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Pimcore PIM/MDM for Brands
Efficiently managing product data is critical for brands – especially for brands that sell online or via marketplaces. Today’s digitally savvy customers expect outstanding product information in each channel and on each device. Pimcore PIM enables you to keep track of product data and update it in real-time across disparate channels to create a seamless customer experience and maintain transparency that fosters brand loyalty.
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Pimcore PIM/MDM for Travel
Consistent and excellent product data is key to travel. Finally, it’s about accommodations, flights, packages, tickets and events and how this whole itinerary fits together, also in terms of data. Today’s digitally savvy consumers want access to consistent information on any time, device and channel. Pimcore PIM enables you to maintain flexibility and quality of your master data enhancing your ability to improve relationships and conversion rates with your travel customers.
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Pimcore PIM/MDM for Manufacturing
Expectations of retailers have increased enormously, especially where time to market is concerned. Therefore, product information management is reshaping manufacturing to consolidate scattered data and improve product data quality. Optimize your data management with Pimcore to derive actionable insights and deliver faster and smarter.
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Pimcore PIM/MDM for Distribution
Distributors face a multitude of challenges concerning their product data. They have to meet the heightened expectations of both the buyer and the supplier. In terms of product data, distributors must aggregate and consolidate vendor data, struggling with issues like messy and scattered data, while trying to harmonize catalogs. Pimcore PIM enables you to navigate all such issues efficiently and effectively.
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Sateesh Pokkunuri
Senior Developer Grey Inc., New York City
"At Grey NY we are building some amazing sites with Pimcore. The other developers and even designers are really loving it."
Sven M.
Digital Manager Germany, IKEA Group
"We wanted to create a flexible solution to deliver content to the customer in a fast and easy way. Pimcore offers a powerful and intuitive interface for the editors to work with."
Tal Ball
Chief Technology Officer, BuildDirect Technologies
"We needed to automate the exchange of data and create a supplier-side portal where manufacturers could input content directly. Pimcore helped us dramatically transform our business."

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