Technology & Architecture

Pimcore is powered by the leading technology stack on the web. It’s built on a standardized, robust, modular, open and service-oriented architecture – 100% API driven. Developers just love Pimcore, because developing awesome web applications has never been easier and faster.

Web based awesomeness

Pimcore has been built as a framework for satisfying even the most demanding developers. They just love to develop with Pimcore. Based on the leading and most-up-to-date technology stack of PHP/Symfony, MySQL, Elastic Search, Mongo DB and Varnish, developers can realize demanding web applications and websites within a fraction of time.

Open architecture & leading technology stack

Flexible by design. Leading the benchmark for time-to-market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Performance & Scalability
Pimcore is a performant, enterprise-ready and highly scalable web application. It is used in highly agile global environments and at Fortune 500 companies with millions of pages, digital assets and products, hundreds of editors and millions of monthly visitors. Due to the use of leading technologies such as MySQL, PHP, Elastic Search, Mongo DB and Varnish, Pimcore scales very well and can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud.
Pimcore is open source and free of charge. Free for developers, small businesses, and large global enterprises. There is no difference in product features between the basic and enterprise edition of Pimcore. Pimcore does not rely on selling licenses. It makes money out of selling optional service level agreements, training and professional services, such as implementation and consulting.
Download Pimcore for on-premise deployment or as a package for deployment in the cloud. Pimcore is compatible to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other leading PAAS providers. Additionally, Pimcore will be available as software as a service in late 2018.

Over 80.000 companies are using Pimcore.

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