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You are not alone! Thousands of other Pimcore Users around the world form a unique community. Together, we are The Pimcore User Group. Enjoy the opportunity to deepen your skills or develop new ones with a group. Also, we like to have fun and you may find new friends along the way. Join the most inclusive community today! Completely free of charge. All you need to do is sign up for an event in your area. 

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Register for the Pimcore User Group event in your area. The meetings are designed for different business units, such as software development, marketing, sales, or business development, hosted by committed Pimcore Partners.

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Whether you are a user of any experience-level, PHP/Symfony enthusiast, or a Pimcore Partner, everyone is more than welcome! We foster active exchange and experience-sharing from Pimcore users all around the world.

Everyone is welcome!

To attend your preferred meeting, register for a Pimcore user group below. Currently, user groups are primarily taking place in European regions. Since The Pimcore User Group has been established in early 2023, a further expansion to other regions is in process of planning. 

How The Pimcore User Group works in 3 easy steps:

Host & Group Types

Dedicated Pimcore Partners regularly host user groups in different geographical locations. Each meeting follows a predefined format and is intended to address Pimcore users & partners within a specific business unit, such as software development, marketing, sales, product management or business development.

User Group Locations

To attend your preferred meeting, register for a Pimcore user group below. Please note that you will have to register for each upcoming meeting individually. Currently, user groups are primarily taking place in German-speaking, with the intention to expand globally soon.

Registration & Meeting Details

After your registration, the host will contact you to provide further details. The focus of each user group may slightly differ, but the goals remain the same: Meet like-minded professionals, grow together & have fun!

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“Here's to building strong connections and shaping a brighter future together. We are excited to expand The Pimcore User Group to more countries in the future for engaging with our community!”

CEO and Co-Founder, Pimcore

Dietmar Rietsch

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Berlin I 22.03.2023 I 17.45 Uhr I Deutsch

KI erobert die Welt. Tools wie ChatGPT, Midjourney oder Stable Diffusion verändern die Art der Inhalteerstellung und versprechen eine Revolution der Geschäftswelt. Doch wie effektiv können Unternehmen diese Technologien bereits nutzen? Auf der nächsten Pimcore User Group I Berlin wird KI einem Realitätscheck unterzogen, um ihre Auswirkungen auf die Content-Produktion auf der Pimcore-Plattform zu untersuchen.

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Bremen I 20.04.2023 I 17.30 Uhr I Deutsch

team neusta öffnet die Türen für die Pimcore User Group | Bremen und heißt alle Pimconaut:innen, und jene die es werden wollen, herzlich willkommen. Bei Kaltgetränken und Snacks wird genetzwerkt, gefachsimpelt und sich rund um das Open-Source Framework Pimcore ausgetauscht. Es wartet ein Tech Talk mit Softwareentwicklern von team neusta und Pimcore CTO Bernhard Rusch, wie ein Insight Talk zum Thema Pimcore Product Experience Portal auf euch.

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Rhein-Main I 27.04.2023 I tbd I Deutsch

basecom organisiert die Pimcore User Group I Rhein-Main. Kenner wissen, dass das nicht das erste User Group Meeting ist. Infos zum nächsten Meeting folgen in Kürze.  Schaut doch in der Zwischenzeit mal bei der Gruppe vorbei. 

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Wien I 20.04.2023 I 16.00 Uhr I Deutsch

Augmeted reality for the many people - was kann man sich darunter vorstellen? Wie kann ich AR in dieser Funktion für meinen Alltag nutzen?Wie wurde die APP entwickelt und wohin soll die Reise gehen? Freut euch auf eine spannende, interaktive AR-Reise bei uns in unserem tollen Büro am Wiener Hauptbahnhof.
Wir freuen uns auf einen gemeinsamen Austausch bei anschließenden Drinks!

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Wels I 02.05.2023 I 17.30 Uhr I Deutsch

In unserer nächsten Veranstaltung erwarten Sie zwei spannende Vorträge: 1) Cloud Native Pimcore - Erfahren Sie, wie Cloud-Ansätze Skalierbarkeit, Flexibilität und Sicherheit verbessern. 2) E-Commerce-Herausforderungen & Pimcore-Lösungen - Entdecken Sie, wie Pimcore als integrierte Plattform hilft, komplexe Produktinformationen zu verwalten und personalisierte Kundenerlebnisse zu schaffen. Treten Sie unserer lebendigen Community bei und erweitern Sie Ihr Wissen!

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Weitere User Groups stehen schon in den Startlöchern. Jetzt zum Newsletter anmelden und alle Informationen über bevorstehende Veranstaltungen erhalten. 

Grüezi Ostschweiz, seid gespannt! 

Milano I 29.04.2023 I 3.00 PM I Italiano

Ciao, Italia! GMDE, strategic partner from Italy, will host the first ever Pimcore User Group I Italia on April 29th. Meet other users and share opinions, doubts, enthusiasms and experiences with both, expert or new potential users!. 

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En route pour Paris! 

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Pimcore is currently in the stage of establishing a network for The Pimcore User Group. That means we plan to expand the user groups to more global regions at the end of the year. Your opinion help shape the development of this new format. We are happy to receive: 

  • Suggestions from Pimcore users about new user groups in their local area here

  • Interest from Pimcore Partners intending to host a user group in their area here

In addition, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter to stay updated about geographic user group locations and firsthand updates.

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Check out the FAQs for more information

Various Pimcore agencies and system integrators represent the Pimcore User Group. All are well-experienced with our platform and official Pimcore partners.

We have just launched this new format. For now, most of the user groups are in the german-speaking region.

No. All user groups are free to our community members.

Frequency depends on the individual user groups. Generally, they take place two to four times a year.


This is either because the next meeting is still in the planning or there is no user group in your region yet. Please tell us where we should start having a user group by submitting this form. 

Everyone who is or wants to become part of the community.

Insights, workshops, panel discussions, and presentations around Pimcore, the ecosystem, and the technology. Check out the meeting's agenda to find out in detail.

Of course! Each meeting will allow you to get to know other community members.

Yes, please reach out directly to the hosts of the user groups.

You can reach out anytime to the host of the user group or drop us a message at usergroups@pimcore.com

Please let the host know that you will not attend. This way, your seat will become available for other community members.

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