Pimcore Enterprise Edition: A Complete Guide


What You’ll Learn From This Insight:

1.     Introduction

2.     What is Pimcore Enterprise Edition?

3.     What sets the Pimcore Enterprise Edition apart?

4.     What Is Pimcore Enablement? What does it represent?

5.     What Is Pimcore Enablement? What does it represent?

6.     What is Pimcore Secured?

7.      What is the Pimcore Copilot? How does it propel business?

8.     Key Advantages of the Pimcore Enterprise Edition

9.     Conclusion


Pimcore Enterprise Edition is razor-focused on improving compatibility, stability, and security; they include a meticulously tested core framework and modules to ensure flawless performance in all scenarios.

With every quarter during the year, Pimcore comes up with a new Platform Version Release—which is the latest, most versatile version of the Pimcore Platform. The features introduced in every release are included in the Pimcore Enterprise Edition, which means they are only available to Pimcore’s commercial customers. 

By choosing the Pimcore Enterprise Edition, businesses gain access to a certified and reliable Pimcore version that matches the highest enterprise standards. This insight explores it in detail.

1. What is Pimcore Enterprise Edition?

Succinctly put, the Pimcore Enterprise Edition is characterized by flexibility and freedom to customize and manage Pimcore in an organization’s own infrastructure. Enterprise Edition offers a perfect solution for companies looking to leverage Pimcore’s wide array of enterprise features and support services. Some of the key elements of Pimcore’s Enterprise Edition are:

  • Commercial Licensing Scheme: Guarantees the protection of your Pimcore-based solution or application’s source code in terms of intellectual property and full ownership.
  • Pimcore Enterprise Extensions: Assures access to all Pimcore Enterprise Extensions such as the Product Experience Portals, Enterprise Webhooks, Pimcore Copilot, Workflow Editor & SSO, Datahub REST API & File Export, Translation Interface, and Enterprise DAM Metadata and much more.
  • Access to Long-term Support and optional Service Level Agreements (SLAs): The total cost of ownership (TCO) is minimized by ensuring compatibility with legacy functionalities, ease of access to security patches, and SLAs.



There are two other special components:

Pimcore Secured
Ensures peerless protection through pre-configured strong security measures, extensive security insights, dynamic security patching, high-end open-source security management, and bolstered data entry mechanisms—all put in place for organizations to concentrate on business while security gets taken care of.

Pimcore Enablement
As the name suggests, this component helps organizations unleash the full potential of Pimcore through expert consultations, profound strategic insights, best practices, exclusive partner recommendation advice, and extensive training—meticulously designed to promote and underpin your business aims and processes.

2. What sets the Pimcore Enterprise Edition apart?

Pimcore offers three distinct editions tailored to diverse business needs:

Pimcore Enterprise Edition: This commercial edition includes all features and Entperprise Extensions. Available either as a subscription-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or on-premises, the Pimcore EE comes in two variants: standard Enterprise Edition or Enterprise Edition Unlimited, which differ slightly in offerings.

Pimcore Professional Edition: Ideal for newcomers to Pimcore, this edition includes a limited amount of features, but provides a commercial license. This combination makes this edition a solid foundation for for getting started with Pimcore.

Pimcore Community Edition: This edition is free and equipped with core features such as PIM/MDM, CDP, DAM, DXP/CMS, and Commerce, supporting unlimited entities, data, and users under a GPLv3 license. Pimcore is committed to offer this edition for free to endorse the open-source spirit of enabling a community to create and innovate.

The Best part of Enterprise Edition—Enterprise Extension: 

Enterprise extensions are one of the most exciting aspects of the Enterprise Edition. These extensions are developed by Pimcore (the company) and a few of its chosen partners; they greatly broaden Pimcore’s existing functionality stack.

Experience Portals

Pimcore Copilot

Workflow Automation Integration

New UI & Light Theme

Enterprise Edition can set up highly configurable, flexible portals to offer their customers, suppliers, or vendors access to real-time information. There are two categories of experience portals: Product Experience Portals (PXP) and Asset Experience Portals (AXP). These portals come with guest login and open portals (i.e., accessible to everyone) options.

Streamlining product information management with advanced AI features from Pimcore Platform Version 2024.1, it automates data enrichment, classifies and translates product data, and suggests improvements for data quality. The Pimcore Copilot adapts to your workflows and simplifies tasks, empowering teams to refine and scale digital operations.


From Pimcore 2023.3, WAI provides n8n templates for easy setup and customization. It supports Datahub GraphQL/Webhook configurations, enabling efficient data handling and integration with third-party systems. Templates are accessible and adaptable in the Pimcore backend.



Pimcore 2023.3 introduces a revamped main navigation with new submenus for notifications, profile, and logout; realigned navigation; and an updated editor toolbar, removing the second-level action bar for enhanced usability—configurable changes, paving the way for a new, modern UI.


Enterprise Webhooks

Bookmark List

Alternative Data Object Trees

Datahub REST API & File Export

A unique feature made available with Pimcore Platform version 2023.2 simplifies automation and integration and streamlines workflows by sending requests to configured subscribers and by configuring the payload, thereby acting as a pivotal connection to enhance interactions.


Another powerful feature made available with Pimcore Platform version 2023.2 is the ability to create custom bookmarks, which makes accessing and searching for data objects, documents, and digital assets frequently needed a breeze. This improves synergy, efficiency, speed, and innovation.


Pimcore 2023.3 allows custom hierarchies to be created, enhancing data quality and maintenance efficiency. Features include multiple grouping levels, direct element access, and user-specific access control. Supports cloning, exporting, and importing configurations with drag-and-drop functionality for easy management.


Quick and easy configuration of REST Export API endpoints. Convenience in publishing flat files, ease of configuration inside Pimcore datahub, and support of output formats.


Direct Edit & Statistics Explorer

Enterprise DAM Metadata

Enterprise Translation Management

Workflow Editor & SSO

Enables direct editing of assets on a preferred desktop app, followed by auto download and upload after edits. It also offers statistic tools to integrate into the app to explore data and furnish reports.



Makes Pimcore into a powerhouse of scalability for metadata of practically any kind. It ensures easy configuration of asset metadata in a familiar editor and offers additional layouts and data types.



Eases enterprise translation by getting rid of repetitions and manual tasks. Perfect integration with the best-of-breed translation memory system (TMS) improves collaboration to several notches.



Designing workflow definitions without coding), creating, managing, and organizing them in a folder structure. Easy single sign-on configuration for Pimcore backend login through one/multiple OpenID connect.



3. What Is Pimcore Enablement? What does it represent?

Pimcore Enablement is an optional but exceptional service offering reserved for Enterprise Edition customers. It lets customers achieve their best conceivable plans by unlocking Pimcore Platform’s abundant suite of services, which is targeted to deliver a matchless customer experience directly for customers or as additional support for Enterprise Edition customers of Pimcore’s authorized solution partners.

Pimcore enablement was envisaged with a philosophy to truly identify, internalize, and empathize with customers’ goals and achieve end targets of digital transformation and digitalization. It aims to untangle the complexities, navigate roadblocks strategically and creatively to help them gain business growth and agility, and equip their digital landscape with tools and support for long-term success, transformation, and empowerment. Pimcore Enablement consists of offerings like:


Expert advice from Pimcore Platform specialists to help you get an excellent grip on the software in line with enterprises’ business processes and future aims


Powerful, on-point insights that reinforce product strategy and broaden the understanding of Pimcore Platform while ensuring the improvement of business operations.

Service Level Agreement (SLAs):

Pimcore SLAs ensure impeccable service and support, keep operational uncertainties at bay, and ensure peak performance is delivered and uninterrupted service prevails.

Partner Recommendations:

Pimcore solution partners get tailor-made recommendations by catering to their specific needs, letting them devote their time and resources to other vital tasks.


Elaborately created training modules on Pimcore Platform can significantly enhance the skill and expertise of teams, amplifying their productivity and user satisfaction.

Partner Recommendations:

Pimcore solution partners get tailor-made recommendations by catering to their specific needs, letting them devote their time and resources to other vital tasks.

4. What is Pimcore Secured?

With security and legal compliance emerging as the most pressing issues of our times, Pimcore Platform offers a rock-solid, feature-rich enterprise solution— ‘Pimcore Secured’ to deal specifically with the continuous presence of threats in the digital environment through watertight security measures and rigorous open-source license compliance to enterprise customers.

Pimcore Secured is an extensive solution that offers a continuous assessment of open-source license compliance, thereby allowing businesses to dismiss any legal concerns. Additionally, by proactively performing thorough analysis and patching any weakness or potential exposure to threats, Pimcore Secured greatly helps establish a protected environment by averting legal challenges. This way, businesses can direct their attention towards—innovation and growth.            

1. How Secure is “Pimcore Secured”?

As a set of proactive measures all relentlessly directed towards the reinforcement of enterprise security—Pimcore Secured’s single-point agenda is to enable businesses to go about their business effectively, without interruption, and with complete focus. It offers a 360-degree approach comprising several measures simultaneously working together towards one goal. Hence, Pimcore Secured is a stable, well-thought-out, and comprehensive solution. 

2. What are Pimcore Secured’s main features?

Pimcore Secured is a combination of features, and the sum of these features contributes to Pimcore Secured’s synergy. These features are:

  • Pre-selected Security Configurations: Every version of Pimcore Secured comes armed with an integrated, preferred security configuration, which provides enterprises with a solid structure to support their digital infrastructure. 
  • Detailed Security Reports: Security reports are shared to build a deeper understanding of the security landscape in a Pimcore Platform release, thereby helping enterprises stay vigilant and make informed decisions.
  • Advanced Security Management: To combat vulnerabilities pertaining to the open-source nature, Pimcore Secured includes a security management feature that spots and closes security gaps.  
  • Proactive Security Patching: Security is a dynamic phenomenon requiring continuous checking for leaks and regular patching. Pimcore Secured incessantly scans for vulnerabilities and cements them, shoring up the defenses.    
  • Robust Data Entry Protection: The Pimcore Platform Release comes shielded with mechanisms to neutralize malicious data entries, bolstering applications to resist attacks and ensure optimal security.

3. How does Pimcore Secured Assist Different Stakeholders?

Pimcore Secured has proven to be a significant tool for various stakeholders in the enterprise environment. It empowers and offers them peace of mind and stability—essential to grow and innovate. The following stakeholders find it most advantageous:

IT Decision makers:

Open-source license compliance monitoring and stringent vulnerability testing, furnishing security reports, bolster their trust, letting them focus on their strategic goals.

Marketing Decision makers:

With open-source license monitoring, threats can be ruled out, and compliance issues of digital platforms can be minimized, allowing marketers to focus on marketing planning and execution.

System Integrators (SI) and Digital Agencies (DA):

SIs and DAs are external stakeholders who can fully use all Pimcore Secured features; it removes any risks from the equation by weaving a secure landscape for partners.


5. What is the Pimcore Copilot? How does it propel business?

The Pimcore Copilot, fully integrated into the Pimcore Platform from Version 2024.1, serves as a central hub; it simplifies product content creation by leveraging automated text and image generation. Using context-sensitive actions, it intelligently adjusts to immediate tasks such as managing data objects, customizing reports, and organizing assets. This dynamic adjustment allows for efficient navigation, enabling teams to stay focused on their immediate goals without the hassle of switching tabs or juggling multiple windows:


  • Central Command Center
    The Pimcore Copilot acts as a central command center for the execution of various actions available in the whole backend and can be started with a simple key combination ('ALT' + 'X')
  • Various Actions
    The Pimcore Copilot handles various actions for automation, integrations with third-party applications, or simple shortcuts to menu entries for accelerated data maintenance.
  • AI-powered Actions
    Integrating AI capabilities such as generating texts, producing images, classifying data, and much more has never been easier. Benefit from predefined actions and the versatility of multiple AI models to enhance efficiency and drive innovation.
  • Context Sensitivity
    The available actions are context-sensitive, meaning that depending on your current activity in the Pimcore backend (e.g., data object editor), you can access different actions tailored specifically for that context.
  • Configuration & Customization
    The available actions are highly configurable and customizable to fit your specific needs.

The relentless navigator

The Pimcore Copilot also includes pre-configured actions to facilitate specific tasks. These actions include generating custom reports, managing product variants, and assigning assets to data objects. Additionally, its integration with different AI models allows prompt-based text generation, helping businesses rapidly produce compelling product narratives. Overall, Pimcore Copilot is designed to make data management processes more intuitive and automated, giving users more time to focus on strategy and growth:

Boost Productivity with Automation:

The AI-driven Pimcore Copilot is designed to meet modern businesses' dynamic needs, offering automation tools to enhance productivity and streamline workflows.

Effortless Product Variant Generation:

Generate product variants to diversify your offerings and ensure they are market-ready, helping your business stay agile and meet customer demands.

Crafting Captivating Narratives:

Create compelling narratives, allowing you to captivate your audience and strengthen your brand's appeal.


Targeted Visual Storytelling:

Assign relevant assets to your products, enriching customer engagement through compelling and targeted visual storytelling.


Contextual Integration:

The Pimcore Copilot integrates automated functions into the Pimcore Platform, ensuring each feature aligns with unique operational needs across various industries.

Customizable and Scalable Architecture:

The architecture emphasizes configurability and scalability, empowering businesses to innovate and tailor their digital environment according to their specific requirements.


AI/ML Capabilities of the Pimcore Enterprise Edition 

Pimcore Platform Version 2024.1 ushers in a transformative era of business intelligence by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. This revolutionary platform empowers enterprises to harness data for strategic gains, offering a robust framework for operational efficiency and comprehensive data management.

At the core of the platform lies an open AI/ML strategy that harmonizes with Pimcore's existing ecosystem. This vision integrates Pimcore Copilot and innovative workflow automation, bridging commercial and open-source AI/ML models for seamless collaboration. By establishing the broadest, most robust data and experience management ecosystem, Pimcore provides limitless possibilities, allowing enterprises to tailor automation to their unique needs and strategic goals.

Connectivity and integration are central to Pimcore’s approach. Its open architecture effortlessly connects with many AI/ML systems, including OpenAI's ChatGPT and Dalle3, Google Vertex AI, and AI/ML models from Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Leveraging over 500,000 open-source models through platforms like Hugging Face, including Llama 2 and Mistral, the possibilities are boundless.

6. Key Advantages of the Pimcore Enterprise Edition

It is evident that Pimcore Enterprise Edition is deeply customer-centric and focused on making the Platform more resilient, flexible, and extensible with every release. Some of the critical advantages of Pimcore Enterprise version release are:

  • Advanced AI/ML Capabilities: The Pimcore Copilot integrates seamlessly, leveraging cutting-edge AI to automate data management. This enhances resilience, flexibility, and extensibility, empowering businesses to refine their product data strategies with ease while adapting to dynamic customer needs efficiently.
  • Secure, Thoroughly Tested, and Verified: Pimcore Platform releases undergo rigorous testing and verification processes to deliver a secure, reliable, and high-performance enterprise solution.
  • Smooth Integration of Pimcore Modules: Pimcore Platform releases are optimized to ensure seamless collaboration happens among all Pimcore modules, to offer an integrated, efficient, and effortless user experience.
  • Long-Term Support: Businesses benefit from extended support for specific Platform Release versions, guaranteeing critical updates, security patches, and maintenance over an extended duration, ensuring ongoing security and efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Release Notes: Pimcore provides consolidated release notes for all modules within each Platform Version release, ensuring users have all the necessary information about the latest enhancements, bug fixes, and modifications.
  • Documentation Aligned with Platform Version: Pimcore documentation remains synchronized with the Platform Version, providing users with the most pertinent, accurate, and up-to-date information to maximize their platform experience.

 9. Conclusion

The Pimcore Enterprise Edition brings unparalleled flexibility and automation to managing digital experiences. With the advanced AI capabilities of Pimcore Copilot and workflow automation integration, businesses can streamline product information management and enhance operational efficiency. Experience portals like Product and Asset Experience Portals provide real-time access to customers, suppliers, and vendors, making information sharing seamless.

New features like the modern UI, configurable bookmarks, alternative data object trees, and REST API endpoints elevate user experience, ensuring faster access to crucial data. With enhanced enterprise translation management, direct edit capabilities, and metadata scalability, Pimcore empowers organizations to refine workflows, improve data quality, and seamlessly integrate third-party systems, helping them achieve agility, collaboration, and innovation in digital operations.

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