Guide to Deliver a Perfect PIM Project

While businesses often hear about the advantages associated with Product Information Management (PIM) from ‘experts,’ seldom do they get a peek into the practicalities of its implementation, in an honest manner.

What should an ideal implementation look like? How should a PIM vendor ideally start a PIM project? What would achieving success with PIM take (for their business)? What should be their priority? What all goes into devising a right-fit solution? There are umpteen number of questions that pop up in the minds of potential PIM customers.

PIM is, after all, a strategic decision that questions the old order, creates disruption, demands commitment and collaboration, and has some costs attached to it.

It is, therefore, vital to recognize how PIM works at all levels:

  • PIM, as a philosophy (discipline)
  • PIM, as a technology
  • PIM, as a means of achieving an end (your goals)  

A successful PIM project, in any business landscape, is a combination of all these tenets.

“Guide to Deliver a Perfect PIM Project”
If you’re considering a PIM implementation, and want to know what to expect, download this whitepaper. It takes you through a series of steps about how a successful PIM project should look like:

I.    Introduction | Anatomy of a Product Information Management (PIM) Project 
II.    Motivation | Getting off the Ground
III.    7 Steps to Deliver Perfect PIM Implementation

  1. Customer’s Strategy—Understanding Perception, Positioning, Plan
  2. Big Picture: Knowing the Product Lifecycle
  3. Output Channel(s)
  • Critical and Not Critical
  •  Existing and Not Existing
  1. Data Modelling: Where Flexibility is The Key 
  2. Workflows and Functions
  3. Data Migration and Interfaces
  4. Organizational Matters
  •  People 
  •  Knowledge 
  •  Resources

IV.    Open-Source Pimcore PIM: Hassle-Free Integration, Fit for Any Digital Data
V.    About Pimcore | Contact

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