How an Integrated PIM and DAM System Improve Product Experience

Today, customers connect with brands in a multichannel, multitouch, and multi-experience environment. And product data and digital assets are the face of every digital commerce initiative. Thus, organizations must take an integrated approach across their business to handle growing product data and digital assets across channels for connected customer experience.

How an Integrated PIM and DAM System Improve Product Experience | © Pimcore
“The necessity of well-managed product data and digital assets has never been more essential than ever in a constantly evolving digital world where customer expectations change daily”
This whitepaper highlights how integrated PIM and DAM solutions can help you deliver a unified experience throughout the customer journey, supply chain efficiency, regulatory compliance, faster product introduction, and improved cross-selling/upselling.


  • The market evolution of rich product content
    • From orthodox product information to rich product content
    • The age of omnichannel organization
  • How do product information and digital asset impact customers?
    • The main difference between PIM and DAM
  • How do PIM and DAM work together?
  • PIM and DAM support the end-to-end product data supply chain

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