How to Measure and Improve ROI of PIM Software

PIM software has evolved and expanded to support changing business demands and complex use cases. It now offers advanced capabilities such as flexible data modeling, product information quality/semantics, product information contextualization, AI-assisted rich content optimization, multilingual translation, and automated syndication. However, like any investment, it's essential to measure the return on investment (ROI) of PIM software to ensure that it's providing value for your business.

But how do you know if your PIM software is actually delivering a return on investment (ROI)?

“How to measure ROI of PIM Software”
This whitepaper discusses how to measure and improve the ROI of your PIM software:


  • Gauge the Level of Your PIM Complexity
  • Set Interpretation of ROI in Your Business Context
  • Totalize What Does the ROI of PIM Software Amount to
  • How to Measure ROI
  • Steps to Improve ROI

In addition, you should track these metrics over time and compare them to baseline data. Doing so, you can understand how PIM software impacts your bottom line.

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