Modernizing Customer Engagement Capabilities with Headless DXP

The demand for DXPs is increasing as businesses look to improve their digital engagement with customers and stay competitive in the digital marketplace. By using a DXP, enterprises can create and deliver personalized, relevant, and engaging experiences to their customers, for driving conversions and building loyalty.

Modernizing Customer Engagement Capabilities with Headless DXP
“In a traditional DXP, the front-end and back-end are tightly coupled. In contrast, a headless DXP decouples the front-end from the back-end, allowing businesses to customize and update their digital experiences more easily.”
This whitepaper highlights how headless DXPs can help businesses improve their digital engagement with customers.


  1. Challenges with Traditional Digital Technologies 
  2. The Need of the Hour 
  3. What is Headless DXP?
  4. How Does Headless DXP Enables You for Futuristics Experience?
  5. Traditional vs. Headless Approach
  6. Top Use Cases for Headless DXP
  7. Does Open Source Headless DXP Has the Edge Over Homegrown or Commercial DXP Software?
  8. How Can Enterprises Use Open Source Headless DXP More Effectively?

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